Knock it Off: Acne Pistol Boot vs. Dolce Vita Joust and Jax Boots

I couldn't resist doing a side-by-side to truly show how Dolce Vita is making some amazingly accurate knock offs of the ultra-hip, but ultra-expensive Acne Pistol boot. There are tons of similar knock offs out there -- the Topshop Ambush, Steve Madden PARADOXX, and bp. Trolley to name a few -- but the Dolce Vita Jax and Joust are the most accurate in my opinion (Side Note: My mom owns a pair of the PARADOXX and I much prefer the Jax to them.).

I own the Jax boot in three colors (a little excessive, perhaps) and I could not recommend them enough -- they truly are some of the most comfortable shoes that I own. I managed to get them from Bluefly (sold out now) and MYHABIT (months back) for about $80 a pair, which is a far departure from the Pistol's retail price of ~$570. I've never tried on the Joust and can't rationalize buying it just for the brown tassel, because how much does it really differ from the Black Jax that I already own, but this one would be perfect for someone who loves the contrasting tassel the Pistol has in certain styles.

Cons? The Dolce Vita boots are not offered in a smooth leather. I really wish they were since suede is so easily damaged, but that's my only qualm!

All I can say is... don't blow your budget on the Pistol with so many more affordable options!

[ acne pistol boot ($574.95) vs. dolce vita joust ($129) and jax ($178) boot ]

Are you sick of me talking about these damn boots?!? This is the last post focused on them, I swear!