Knock it Off: Acne Pistol Boot vs. Dolce Vita Joust and Jax Boots


I couldn't resist doing a side-by-side to truly show how Dolce Vita is making some amazingly accurate knock offs of the ultra-hip, but ultra-expensive Acne Pistol boot. There are tons of similar knock offs out there -- the Topshop Ambush, Steve Madden PARADOXX, and bp. Trolley to name a few -- but the Dolce Vita Jax and Joust are the most accurate in my opinion (Side Note: My mom owns a pair of the PARADOXX and I much prefer the Jax to them.).

I own the Jax boot in three colors (a little excessive, perhaps) and I could not recommend them enough -- they truly are some of the most comfortable shoes that I own. I managed to get them from Bluefly (sold out now) and MYHABIT (months back) for about $80 a pair, which is a far departure from the Pistol's retail price of ~$570. I've never tried on the Joust and can't rationalize buying it just for the brown tassel, because how much does it really differ from the Black Jax that I already own, but this one would be perfect for someone who loves the contrasting tassel the Pistol has in certain styles.

Cons? The Dolce Vita boots are not offered in a smooth leather. I really wish they were since suede is so easily damaged, but that's my only qualm!

All I can say is... don't blow your budget on the Pistol with so many more affordable options!

[ acne pistol boot ($574.95) vs. dolce vita joust ($129) and jax ($178) boot ]

Are you sick of me talking about these damn boots?!? This is the last post focused on them, I swear!


  1. after seeing yr blogposts and youtube ootds, i, too, became obsessed with the jax. i couldnt find them anywhere online, so i settled for the brown jousts, which i am definitely loving although they are higher than most shoes i own and stiff around the ankle which made it uncomfortable for the 12 hours i wore them. the second time wearing them was slightly better. this morning i found the jax in black on and they should be delivered next week! thank you for showing the jax and joust side by side. i'd been having trouble seeing the differences besides the seaming, and now i see that the toe and ankle opening appear slightly larger on the joust. still dreaming of the taupe jax....hopefully i will find them soon!

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  3. Have you seen the new season blue suede Acne pistol boots? They're topping my wish list at the moment - Acne pistol boots