Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2011

The Ladies:

Kathrine Zeta-Jones always looks beautiful but this dress is amazing, amazing, amazing! Love Monique Lhuillier.
Mila Kunis is my girl crush, and she looked gorgeous in this emerald gown.
January Jones looked very sexy! (Ryan thought she looked like a graduation cap tassle, boys...)
Emma Stone looks really good as a blonde and this peachy color Calvin Klein went amazing with the new hair and skin tone.
Claire Danes looked beautiful in this pink halter dress by Calvin Klein, something I wouldn't think I'd normally like. You have to be very delicate to pull off a cut like that, there's a very fine line before you look like a buff American Gladiator!
I don't think this picture does the dress justice, but I could not stop gushing over Melissa Leo's dress during her acceptance speech. I love the glamour of the black (or is it navy?) sparkles mixed with the clean, crisp architectural shoulders.

The Gentlemen:

I've been obsessed with grey suits lately, so I loved Robert Downey Jr. all done up in grey with a red tie and those glasses.
Ryan Gosling looks great in this velvet suit, nice to see something unique on the carpet.
I love skinny ties, clean fitted suits, and facial hair AKA Darren Aronofsky at the Globes
Love navy suits (or at least this looks dark navy on my screen). Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks excellent.
Chris Colfer looks absolutely adorable (and gave a great acceptance speech!).
All images are from Vulture