NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Belle De Jour


After a recent obsession with NARS' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella (amazing, go get it!), I needed to get more from the range. "Needed to" meant in the compulsive shopaholic sense, not in the actual basic human needs sense, naturally. I started my hoarding with Dragon Girl, a long ago recommending shade from my cousin (thanks Tracey!), and rounded it off with Red Square. Both are vibrant and beautiful reds and I recommend them all the way. Next up, after a late night Sephora browsing sesh, I caved and bought Belle De Jour and Roman Holiday. Roman Holiday.. I'm on the fence about and might return, but Belle De Jour (pictured below with no liner underneath the lipstick) is a current obsession.

It's an incredibly easy to apply, gorgeous nude that looks great with virtually any eye look or outfit. So much so, that it's been my go-to lip look this whole holiday season. I skipped over the bold and the beautiful Lady Danger and Eurydice for this and haven't looked back (this means nothing though -- talk to me in a week and I'll probably be on a hot pink kick again.). I find it fades out somewhat nicely and gives a good few hours of wear before that. My only qualm with Belle De Jour is that, much like Bolero (and any light shade for that matter), it shows lip dryness and can settle a little into the lines of your lips. In you were to moisturize your lips well and find a good liner for underneath, I think this would look flawless. I'm still in the market for one -- and got a little swatch-crazy sidetracked during gift shopping at Sephora, to no avail -- so please let me know if you have found the perfect liner match.

Final Verdict: All in all, a gorgeous and multipurpose shade from an amazing, high quality range. Get a lip liner and exfoliate/moisturize your lips for optimum results -- like any matte shade, really. I put my stamp on it!

What are your favorite shades from NARS' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Range?

What I Wore: 12.24.12


Wore this to a family holiday party and well, let's just say my dad didn't GET my outfit. It's "office girl meets xena warrior princess meets cat lady", duh. It looks ridiculous, and that's what I love about it. Interestingly enough, he thought the necklace was the worst component -- and to think, I was expecting the pants to top his list! Hah! That necklace is my current favorite and was a real steal at Zara, just about $29. Don't be talking trash on my necklace. And I'm not taking any fashion advice from a guy who loves Ireland so much he wears green leather tennis shoes 365 days a year! Humpfh!

This Silence & Noise Boyfriend blazer is a closet necessity and thankfully on sale right now at UO -- oh, you'll thank me.

Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Zara
Pants: Topshop
Clutch: Clare Vivier

New Year, New Hair -- My Experience with eSalon


I have been toying with dying my hair an assortment of different colors lately -- everyday gravitating between TTH red, ice white blonde with grungy roots (lest anyone thing I was going for a playboy bunny look!), or my ole faithful "dark." As you can tell, I went with the easiest (and hopefully most job interview friendly, HELLO HIRE ME!) option. Having been deathly afraid of box dyes and all the friends I've seen end up with dark red hair that's impossible to de-red and recently hearing about eSalon, I opted for the most profesh and cheapest option. [ In case this matters to you -- this is NOT a sponsored post, I found and bought the dye kit with my own simoleons. ]

Let's rewind.

Scene: Alone, in my dark bedroom (curtains drawn mid-day) with 10 cats purring around me and a few half drunk milk bowls (some curdling) scattered around the floor.

I happen upon a tweet that catches my eye and reminded me that I was interesting in trying out this eSalon service, having read some write up or review of it a few months prior. To break down their service as simple as possible, they are professional colorists that will mix professional dye for you and send it with simple instructions for DIY application. No box dye and you get to tell them what you want. Sold.

I hop on the site and upload some images featuring my hair's natural state and my current color situation. Fill out the questionaire about my hair type, what I'm looking for, what I don't want, coloring history, etc.... Use their color matrix to select color and tone (darkest possible brown with zero red undertones). Search online for a coupon code (duh, and found one!) and check out. Easy enough.

The box arrives and while I would like to show you guys a picture of the beaut, it has my full name on every bottle (a la "Mixed Especially for Chelsea BlahBlah") and don't feel like putting that shit out thurr in the interwebs. You get a few YT comments that say, in no simpler terms, "I want to anal rape you, violently" and you try to keep your true identity on the DL. Ya know? But it's essentially like any perfume gift set comes, with each developer and dye bottle fitting into a perfect shaped developer and dye bottle sized dent in the plastic. It's all white. Super sleek.

My kit cost me just over $19 (shipping included) and contained a coloring brush, 2 bottles of developer, 2 bottles of dye, 2 sets of gloves, stain remover, stain guard, color safe conditioner, instructions, safety warnings,... and I think that's about it? I open the safety instructions and read about the possibility of an allergic reaction and the need to do a patch test for 48 hours prior to usage. I disregard those because I'm a rebel/idiot. I impulsively decide to do it at night, in poor lighting. Because I wouldn't be me unless I was constantly making impulsive decisions.

The instructions were incredibly easy to follow and the whole process took about 30 minutes from opening the box to getting yelled at by my mom for getting dye all over the shower. [ Disclaimer: Do not get dye everywhere. Your mom will be SO mad! It all washed off very easily so seesh, lady.. calm down! Except that small bit on grout. But I'll get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! (Internet research leads me to believe that this wonder product will get my mom off my ass and my dye off the grout, fingers crossed.) ] Section your hair in 4, pour dye into developer bottle, shake, and squirt it out along your roots. Set timer for 15 minutes. Set up new bottle of dye/developer. Start working dye down all the rest of the hair and once the 15 minute timer you set after the roots were completed goes off, it's time to wash it all out. Side note: It baffled me that the last bit of hair that I completed just minutes before the timer went off could have been dyed enough compared to the hair that had been soaking for twice the time but alas, it was.

Washed it all out (queue the getting it all over the shower) and I was a new woman! Yup, totally true. Brand spankin' new.

Final Verdict? Try this if you want to dye your hair yourself, but are scared of box dyes/want to have more input on the process. It's more affordable than going to a salon and much quicker. Hopefully you aren't allergic and dye (get it, get it! Okay, that joke was a little off color. HA! Did it again. Hair stylist humor, typical in the industry.) Honestly, I'd really recommend it -- it was easy and the color turned out EXACTLY like I wanted. What else is there to say?!

[ this is not a sponsored review/post, there is nothing in it for me if you do or don't click on the link or try this service. ]

What I Wore: 11.16.12 // Sam Edelman 'Lisle' Bootie


I should really quit it with these outfit posts because I dress too basic in day-to-day life. Booorang. A shirt, some pants, and some boots! What a novel idea! Copyright that! It's never been done before! Though, I actually remember just being so angsty about my clothes that day and hating everything I put on, so I should be happy enough that I look half okay. But really, this post is because I just wanted to show off my new western-ish booties with rose gold zips. Ta-da! They clang when I walk, instant spurs! (I actually find that really annoying and a con for these shoes -- so take note, potential buyers.)


Top: Vince
Vest: Gap
Jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Bag: Longchamp
Necklace: Babette from Etsy

Essie - Good as Gold


Essie recently released a metallic range of polishes and naturally, I made a bit of an impulse splurge at the drug store... and then promptly walked out feeling guilty and mad at myself for paying full price (imagine a Gollum vs. Sméagol moment in the parking lot of RiteAid. My precious!). Just buy your polish on Amazon, damnit, it's much cheaper!

Good as Gold is a pretty gold (duh) metallic, but I'm not sure it's right for my coloring. Despite some difficulties in achieving an even application, it wore well.. as per usual with Essie polishes. Unfortunately, I just never liked how it looked against my cool toned skin. I honestly wish there was some sort of invention or dial on our bodies where we could change our skin colors each day (and before you say it, I don't mean tanning beds!) because I'd honestly like to change up my skin color as much as I change my polish and my lipstick. Having said that, I think this would look BALLER on really dark or super tanned skin -- you win this time, ladies! Until I get a skin machine that will let me look like Grace Jones, I think I'm just going to keep this around as a tip color for more colored tip looks. In truth, I don't think I'll ever wear this alone on my nails again, so join me in remembrance of my $8. RIP $8. I should have listened to Sméagol.

[ in direct sunlight ]

Monthly Beauty Favorites: November 2012


Another month, another favorites video...

Products Mentioned:

Getting Fit: Womens Nike Free Run 4.0


Hey, these are shoes... they count.. I "wear" them! It's time for me to get back into being a healthy, fit member of society. I used to play sports and run... and even spend time outdoors (what a novel idea).. but I've become quite lazy in the past few years. I try to avoid outdoors on the East Coast thanks to either really hot weather or really cold weather.... and I hate gyms... and I didn't own running shows... annnnd these are all excuses so I will shut up.

While my diet and lack of working out has not really negatively affected my body size/shape/etc... it's important to be fit just for my own general health. It really would be so much easier to get my ass on the pavement if vanity or an inability to fit into my expensive jeans were my motivations, but alas just the abstract idea of "health." What can I measure to see results?! Nothing! Borringg.

I PROMISE to never run a marathon (like everyone else and their mothers endlessly brag about doing on Facebook. My FB newsfeed is awful... what is it was marathons and mid- to late- 20 somethings and early-30 something people?!? Why sync it to FB?! I. do. not. care. that. you. run. around. in. circles.). And this probably marks the end of me ever talking about running and fitness because I find it very boring -- but my new shoes are cute, huh?!

[ womens nike free run 4.0 - $69.98 - $89.99 ]

FACE: Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 00 (8.27.12)


Boutique 9 Justine Suede Pumps


I could give you a whole backstory about how I discovered an awesome pair of sparkly black Boutique 9 'Justine' pumps at my local Saks outlet and blah blah blah, but really... no one cares. Fact of the matter is these shoes are a great and look far more expensive than they are. I got my first pair at about 50% off retail and the two pairs I'm talking about now were both discounted as well. Dis bitch loves deals. Having said that, I HATE when people will buy something just because it's a deal. ONLY buy something if you LIKE it or LOVE it and it's on sale. I really hate deal chasing for the sake of deal chasing -- you're not saving money... you're losing it. You're spending money you weren't going to spend anyways. You only save money when you would have paid full price otherwise. *Drops the mic and steps off coupon code soapbox*

I'm having such a trouser/pants/bootie/pump/blazer phase right now that I just feel frumpy and unhappy in anything else. Given that, these Justine suede pumps are a favorite shoe of the moment. I'm really an all black errethang kind of girl at heart and generally prefer to relegate crazy colors to the lower half of my body (wacky pants or shoes) or on my lips (NYX - Shocking Pink, MAC - Lady Danger, etc..). Hence, where these guys come in.

They are slightly high for easy, comfy walking, so beware if you're not a heel girl. I've been looking for clean, simple, and colorful pumps for a while now and was even willing to settle for non-suede shoes.. but alas, my mission is complete. There are a few other colors I have my eye on -- the dark purple ones and a black suede pair to replace my ehh ShoeMint ones -- so my eyes are peeled for those on sale in size 7 in the future. Thankfully I had a Shopbop credit from a price matching credit I got a month back, so the pinkish pair only cost me ~$30 bucks and the blue pair was purchased from Zappos for ~$85!

Skin Care: Facial Oils


How have I basically lived 23 years before discovering the benefits of oils in my hair and on my skin?

Well, oily and frizzy.. that's how.

The grouping of the word "oil" with skin or hair generally carries a negative connotation (think: greasy), but I've been experimenting with all sorts of hair oils in the past year with amazing results. After success with taming my lion's mane, I began dabbling into the world of facial oils during a period of volcanic skin and have been pleasantly surprised with the results as well. My skin has been rather tumultuous in the recent months, for reasons unknown but often speculated. Perhaps it's a detoxification due to my improved diet and daily green juice? Perhaps my hormones are a whack? Perhaps I touch my skin too much? Or maybe all my makeup testing is pissing my chin off? Who knows.

I've always thought the last thing my oily skin needed was MORE oil, but alas... not the case. OIL. ME. UP... but not in that two girls in a bikini and kiddie pool ready to wrestle while creepy frat-ish guys film it it on their iPhones kind of way. Natural oils (NOT mineral oil!) actually nourish skin and can help curb oil production. And while the jury is still out in the long run, adding facial oils to my morning and evening skin care routine may just be my saving grace? I can't say they are saving my chin situation just yet (I honestly think that needs to be credited to the Candida Cleanse I've been doing for the past few weeks -- more to come on that later), but the rest of my skin is looking more radiant and feels amazing!

I've started using the tiniest bit (just a drop or two) of Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil ($42.95 for 1 fl oz) before my morning moisturizer and I really love the feeling of it has on my skin. It leaves my face feeling plump and baby soft after soaking in, something I was definitely lacking before -- perhaps my skin is oily AND dehydrated?? I caution you against over application because I found it does take a hot minute to sink in (par for the course with any oil, really). According to their site, the Normalizing Day Oil contains "Plant extracts [which] blend with plant oils to balance excessive oiliness, diminish the appearance of pores and visibly reduce blemishes. Provides protective, fortifying benefits to mature skin." It has a lot of negative reviews on MakeupAlley, which surprised me, so do your research before you explore this oil (go get a sample at Whole Foods!). Jury is still out whether this is my permanent day oil.

Since I use the Dr. Hauschka during the day, I use my Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ($14.00 for .5 fl oz) during my evening skin care routine. According to their site, "this legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends." It's not a night oil specifically, I just use it then -- feel free to use it anytime (and anywhere on your body!). My words ain't scripture, y'all. I don't use it every single night, as there are nights when I do different AHA or BHA treatments to my skin, but I really, really love this oil. Pretty much a ditto on everything I said about the Dr. H oil -- this leaves my face feeling soft, plump, and hydrated. Without a doubt, this is the best 100-point perk I've received from Sephora!

Are you a recent disciple to the Church of Oil? Tell me your favorites in the comments!

What I Wore: 11.9.12


When I walked around the Topshop section at Nordstroms in this vest Ryan BEGGED me not to buy it. 
Obviously, I did not listen. BALLIN'
(I'm a little faux fur obsessed at the moment.)

Faux Fur Vest: Topshop "Tassle Hem Faux Fur Gilet"
Shirt: Zara
Boots: ALDO

To Note Regarding Topshop Leigh Jeans for American Shoppers: 
Overall, I find Topshop's sizing to run very small. Size up 2 or 3 sizes sometimes! 
The black Leighs run either true to size or a little big whereas all the other colors run SMALL as f*%! 
A black pair in 26 is WAY bigger than a indigo/maroon/green pair in 26, so keep that in mind.

Cyber Monday Coupon Code: 30% off ASOS


Okay, last stop on the Cyber Monday train.. ASOS
They are running a 30% off the entire website promo for Cyber Monday. Love. it.

Save While Shopping: Up to $200 off Bloomingdale's

Big savings at Bloomingdale's right now! And... some very fun graphic design :)

Cyber Monday Coupon Code: Up to $250 off Revolve Clothing

Revolve is a great place to shop online -- much akin to Shopbop in terms of stock and pricing. 
 I'm very curious whether this excludes designer bags since the email made no mention of exclusions!!
Gotta love Cyber Monday! Hey, A/S/L... oh wait.. not that kind of cyber.

OPI - Chapel of Love


I'll just say what you're thinking: What the hell am I doing wearing this bright pink color in the dead of fall? Well... I, being the lazy sort, didn't want to get my ass off the couch during a particularly heated Hurricane Sandy Homeland marathon (Carrie. drives. me. nuts.) and asked Ryan, who was on his way upstairs, to bring down any random polish from my drawer so I could paint my nails. He came back down a few minutes later looking especially proud and explained he had just found me a really good "fall/halloween color." He handed OPI's Chapel of Love over and I spent a good 5 seconds staring blankly, thinking this kid has to be fucking with me because this is the least fall/halloween-ish color I've ever seen. Our whole relationship flashed before my eyes and I decided he's either 1). totally stupid or 2). night blind because turns out he thought it was orange (in the dark, mind you). Whatever! I put it on and continued to watch Carrie's cringeworthy Brody stalking. SAULLL!!!

Now this color just really isn't for me. Throughout my "beauty journey" I've become more discerning -- I used to say, "F*$% it! I'll wear any color on my nails," and now, I say, "F%$& pink! I just don't love it." Sigh, I guess that's what people must mean when they talk about finding yourself... ;) Facts of the matter are that it simply doesn't look good with my skin color (my hands get quite red when cold or hot) and it tends to clash any and all of my outfits. I often find myself cringing when I look down at my nails when wearing this. It wore alright and everything was fine with it as a polish; but I think I'm just over pink nail polish (though I still have some love for bright/neon fuchsias I think?). Funny enough, I was actually highly complimented by one of the girls I was at the bar with over this color, so the next time I see her she will be happy to see a little present in my hands for her. Tis the season.

Coupon Code: 10% off


FeelUnique was a site I discovered through UK beauty bloggers/vloggers. It boasts a huge selection of products that are often not sold in the US (I recently purchased some Emma Hardie cleansing balm from there) and... dun dun dun... FREE, that's right, FREE worldwide delivery. Always free. Gotta love it. Keep in mind if purchasing items also sold in the US it's not always the best deals for Americans due to £ to $US conversion rates, but nevertheless it's best if the item isn't sold in the US! 

Use code "GIFT10" for 10% off your order before the sale ends!

Coupon Code: 20% off Piperlime


Piperlime is a one of my very favorite online stores to shop with -- it's got a great selection of clothes,
at prices ranging from affordable to splurgeworthy, just like most major department stores... 
BUT, unlike Nordstrom, they have big online sales ALL THE TIME! 

For the next few days code "ME" will get you 20% off the entire store!

Coupon Code: Up to 35% off Shopbop


HUGE sale going on on Shopbop right now!
Use code "BIGEVENT12" for BIG savings -- and they don't excluded Alexander Wang Roccos and other designer bags!!

Based on reaching certain price points -- with the lowest being $250 and highest $1,500 --
you will gradually earn higher percentages off your purchase!

If only I had cash money to spend... I'm being VERY good and not spending a dime this time!


What I Wore: 11.5.12


FACE: Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 00 and Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Tender Rose // NARS Lipstick in Schiap (8.26.12)


What I Wore: 10.19.12


Sweater: Cotton On
Shirt: Gap
Necklace: Topshop

Essie - Power Clutch


Essie's Power Clutch was a neglected polish -- purchased months ago and sadly collecting dust in the mess that I call my nail polish drawer. Essentially, it's a nice guy polish... one you always overlook until you realize your mistake. So here is where I apologize for always calling this polish to talk about how awful the other polishes were to me and always going for the brightest football playing polish with great hair and muscle tone... or something like that... yeah.... bygones. With the weather chilling, I am slowly shifting towards wearing dark and dreary colors and I find myself being unsatisfied with any outfit that isn't at least 75% black. The same stands for my nails and the last thing I want right now are bright, poppy nails. Gimme deep purples, bloody reds, and neutral tones please!

I really fell in love with this polish in the week (yup, no chips for a week!) that I wore it. The lasting power was impressive and the color, as well -- it adapted to any outfit I wore. Gotta love a chameleon polish. I especially loved how it changed colors depending on the lighting -- a deep, army/cement green in bright light and almost black in a low light. I recommend it, Chelsea approved!

Have you tried this polish?

What I Wore: 10.18.12


Monthly Beauty Favorites: October 2012


Loose Fit V-Neck T-Shirts


I have been meaning to purchase American Apparel V-necks for a while, but never got around to it due to the steep price. Dat shit expensive. Recently I was at Target with my mom and picked up a couple of these "Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Short Sleeve Pocket Vee Tees," also know as the Boyfriend Tee. I got a few in size medium and my mom did too -- though she thought she looked manly in them and hated em. I, on the other hand, was absolutely in love and overjoyed at finally finding the perfect long, cheap, and comfy V-neck. I assure you, ignore how the model looks in them on the website -- that is not how they look on me.

Coming in at a truly Amazonian height of 5'4, tut tut, a size M hits nice and loose at the perfect area of my legs. You know, that special point where the shirt covers up just the right part of my upper thigh and hips to make my legs look long and thin (especially when wearing a heel on the bottom -- naturally I'm opting for suede booties at the moment... I'm a girl obsessed.). It's also that perfect loose fit where I can tuck them into the front of my pant and have a little slouchy, casual action going on. Have I mentioned the best part about these shirts? They are currently $8 dollars. HELLO!

Save While Spending: 20% Off


Lots of goodies (NARS!) are highly discounted on through Friday! :D
No code needed -- but click-thru on the link above is needed (boo! no ebates!).

Coupon Code: 20% off Bloomingdale's


Friends and Family sales are still happening!? Get 20% off Bloomingdale's with code HOLIDAY20 or HOLIDAYFF!

What I Wore: 10.17.12


A little mirror/instagram action in the dressing room of my home away from home, Zara.

Top: H&M
Jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Bag (not pictured): Topshop

NEW IN: Alexander Wang, Zara, Topshop, American Apparel, Nordstrom, etc...


I think the image says it all... :)

What I Bought:

FACE: Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 00 // NAKED2 Palette // EOS Balm (8.25.12)


What I Wore: 10.1.12


You know I love a crazy floral trouser -- the more they look like pajamas and give me a fupa, the better.
...and these were just 19 bucks from Forever 21!

Top: Zara
Pants: Forever 21
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Bag: Forever 21

WANT: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel


You know that story your parents used to read you, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? It's a phrase that has stuck with me my whole life and I find myself saying it quite often... though mostly in a bratty I told you so sort of way to my boyfriend. Well, I am writing a new version entitled, If You Give a Chelsea a Designer Bag. It explores the downward spiral of a post grad upon obtaining her first designer bag, Alexander Wang's Rocco Duffle, and how that one fateful purchase was the proverbial blood in the water for this great white (bag) shark (Side Note: Don't you think it's a little racist to the other sharks to call them Great White Sharks, I mean.. jeez...). Enough of my attempts at Amelia Bedelia-esque humor (Wow, I'm really pulling out the children's book references in this post), I'm obsessed with the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli.
[ black with silver hardware / aubergine with black hardware / black with black hardware ]

This bag is everything -- it's sexy and feminine, but masculine at the same time; it's structured and formal, but slouchy and cool; and it's expensive as f@!* looking, but with a price tag under $900. It's the Celine Luggage Tote for the everyday working girl (so long as this "working girl" I allude to is, like, REALLY working a lot at a REALLY high paying job). 

I've drooled over this bag in the flesh and I don't recommend anyone else do that because you will not be able to get the Pashli out of your mind. It's not crazy heavy (newer models come with a detachable shoulder strap), the construction is gorgeous (though only one interior pocket), and the shape is versatile (zips can be worn up or down for a different look). The three pictured above are the sexiest of the sexy, in my opinion: The black with silver hardware is the most adaptable and everyday; the aubergine is the trendiest, for the buyer who's not afraid of a designer bag in a color other than black (I am not one of those daring individuals); and the black on black is the coolest, most modern and sexy feeling one to me.

I keep calling this bag sexy, is this weird for anyone? Is there some sort of -philia or -ism I should be diagnosed with? Crack open your DSM-IV and get back to me on that one. If you need me, I'll be the girl drooling and creepily stroking the bag wall at Barneys Co-Op.

What I Wore: 9.26.12


I just can't get enough of my Dolce Vita Jax boots and this oversized Zara sweater... so excuse me for this outfit looking so similar to this one
I  must admit, I am still a little scarred from Kate in the Lizzie McGuire movie making such a big stink about "outfit repeating." Bitch. 
P.S. Where Are They Now Fun Fact: Miranda -- excuse me, Lalaine -- was addicted to meth.
P.P.S. Gordo, if you're out there, give me a call.

check out my sweet battle wound from surgery!

Sweater: Zara
Top: Gap

OPI - Brisbane Bronze


OPI's Brisbane Bronze is one of my favorite nail colors. It looks quite awful (in my opinion) in the first image below, but thankfully you can see its beauty in the second image. It's a gorgeous rusty/bronze/copper color and wears very well, as most OPI polishes do. I love a shiny metallic polish and this one is a go-to in both the summer and fall for me.

Knock it Off: Acne Pistol Boot vs. Dolce Vita Joust and Jax Boots


I couldn't resist doing a side-by-side to truly show how Dolce Vita is making some amazingly accurate knock offs of the ultra-hip, but ultra-expensive Acne Pistol boot. There are tons of similar knock offs out there -- the Topshop Ambush, Steve Madden PARADOXX, and bp. Trolley to name a few -- but the Dolce Vita Jax and Joust are the most accurate in my opinion (Side Note: My mom owns a pair of the PARADOXX and I much prefer the Jax to them.).

I own the Jax boot in three colors (a little excessive, perhaps) and I could not recommend them enough -- they truly are some of the most comfortable shoes that I own. I managed to get them from Bluefly (sold out now) and MYHABIT (months back) for about $80 a pair, which is a far departure from the Pistol's retail price of ~$570. I've never tried on the Joust and can't rationalize buying it just for the brown tassel, because how much does it really differ from the Black Jax that I already own, but this one would be perfect for someone who loves the contrasting tassel the Pistol has in certain styles.

Cons? The Dolce Vita boots are not offered in a smooth leather. I really wish they were since suede is so easily damaged, but that's my only qualm!

All I can say is... don't blow your budget on the Pistol with so many more affordable options!

[ acne pistol boot ($574.95) vs. dolce vita joust ($129) and jax ($178) boot ]

Are you sick of me talking about these damn boots?!? This is the last post focused on them, I swear!

Save While Spending: 10% off Urban Outfitters


This Friday - Sunday get 10% in Urban Outfitters with ANY college ID (doesn't matter how old it is!)

Coupon Code: 20-30% off Neiman Marcus


Another day, another sale -- next up, Neiman Marcus.
No code needed... but don't forget 4% cash back on Ebates!

Coupon Code: 15-20% off Bloomingdales

For 15%-20% off Bloomingdales, act fast (today only!) with code "FASHION"!
And don't forget 3% cash back on Ebates!