What To Wear: Anthropologie vs. Anthropologie


Ryan and I are going to a wedding on Friday for one of his college friends. I'm currently debating between which outfit to wear to the occasion: On one hanger (get it, get it..?) I have this cream/striped dress I got at Anthropologie (over a year ago and still haven't worn) and on the other hanger I have a polka-dotted strapless number I also got at Anthropologie.

Now here is what I'm thinking.... I should save the dress with the cream and the stripes upcoming wedding functions with Ryan's family because it is more covered and I should rock the strapless dress for the 20 somethings wedding where I will only know Ryan's friends. Agree, disagree, agree to disagree?

WANT: Dear Golden Vintage Heels

Dear Golden Vintage, one of my favorite vintage etsy shops (well, one of my million favorite ones) has these great vintage woven heels for sale. I've gone back and forth about whether or not to buy em--I think they are great, but pricey (almost $190 with shipping) for what I'd like to spend on them. So for now, I will enjoy looking at them and wipe the saliva from my mouth every couple of minutes as I drool over them. What a mess I am.

Shop Spotlight: Stone & Honey


As I've mentioned before, I love crystal jewelry. These crystal point necklaces by Stone & Honey are  simple and small, while still being interesting and unique. They an extensive online shop with multiple collections of handmade jewelry (these are from the Crystal Palace collection, which also has rings and agate necklaces).

Essie - Sew Psyched


Essie's Sew Psyched is one of my new favorite nail colors, I am mad at myself that it took me this long to try it out. Essie's website describes this color as "a cashmere-soft sage pewter;" however, I'm not that creative and will just go with saying "it's the perfect mix between grey and green." Love, love, love it. I need to get some better ways to describe liking something so... the thesaurus says... I "like very much, delight in, enjoy greatly, have a passion for, take great pleasure in, derive great pleasure from, relish, savor; have a weakness for, be partial to, have a soft spot for, have a taste for, be taken with; informal get a kick out of, have a thing about, be mad/crazy/nuts/wild about, be hooked on, get off on" this nail polish color.

What I Wear: Eyebrow Pencils


You know the game, "Ohhh if you were stuck on a desert island and you could only have one _____. What would they be?" Well, if I was stuck on a desert island and I could only have just one makeup item, I would first think how absurd the idea of needing makeup when you are deserted on an island is and then I would immediately blurt out, "An eyebrow pencil!" Many girls would pick mascara, but the most important thing to me are my brows. I like em thick and I like em dark. That's what she said (I know. Sorry.). But if Svetlana at the Spa de Novato had taken off half of your right eyebrow at the tender age of 17, you would feel a deep, personal connection to your face caterpillars like I do. I can last without mascara (though it still is my #2 desert island makeup item, don't worry... I'm not a fool), but my eyebrow hairs are the lightest of brown, and even blonde at points, and therefore, need some fillin'.

Whenever I buy my trusty "Spiked" pencil, The ladies, and occasional fabulous male, at MAC always tell me it is too dark a brow color for my hair color and I always tell them to screw off. Correction: Not true, I'm a coward and I make up some fumbling lie about how I'm dying my hair tomorrow and then it will match. Basically, the moral of this rant is: Try out an eyebrow pencil if you haven't already. Don't worry, you could never look as weird as this lady is for drawing eyebrows on baby dolls (the wonders you find in a simple google image search...).

What I Wore: 6.24.11


Still loving my new hair -- in fact, I like it even more in my natural curly/wavy state! Today Jenn came over and we painted our nails while watching NYC Housewives and discussing how awful Ramona is.. well, and Simon... Alex... Sonya... the list goes on! Child, I still haven't gotten over the image of Sonya's bruised booty on my 42 inch screen. Straight up tragedy.
Tomorrow I've got a challenge ahead of me because I have to pick out an outfit for the big Jack and Jill bridal shower for Ryan's brother and his fiancé that equally balances the following: being cute (duh), the heat (outside all day you say?? oh lord, don't let me sweat in silk!), somewhat formal event (no jorts), heels (that may be asking for too much), taking care of Dexter the whole time (think all sorts of new people wanting to pet him and how much of a squirmer/clothes ruiner with nails he can be, carrying him after he's been in the dirt, hair shedding, etc...). Tonight I'm going to have to take a good long look at my closet, pray to the closet gods, and see what I can come up with.

Top: TJ Maxx
Shorts: American Eagle
Arrowhead Necklace: Madewell
Bronze Necklace: Vintage
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Essie - Vermillionaire


The latest color I've been sporting is Essie's Vermillionaire. I really love the warm, pumpkin color (who cares that it feels more Fall than Summer). It's the MAC Morange of nails! I'm a huge fan of all sorts of shades of orange on nails as they go well with so many different colors that might find their way into any one of your outfits in a week's time. My favorite is an old faithful color combo: orange nails and turquoise jewelry.

The wear of this polish is really great -- I got a week out of it with no chips and I never tired of the color either. This is definitely one of my favorite polishes -- if not my favorite orange polish. If you are in the market for an orange nail, look no further. You won't be disappointed.

And lastly, paired below with a beautiful Anthropologie dress...

I've Been Ombré-ed!


Yesterday I went to see Meghan at the AMS Salon in Philadelphia for my ombré hair. The staff was very friendly and Meghan great. I am very pleased with the outcome from the balayage highlights, etc... plus, it should only look better as it grows out! Since I want a grown out look, I get a lot of time out of this coloring and won't have to get it done again for a while (save me some $$$). I was pretty nervous I was going to look like a trashy two-tone hair color freak for Ryan's big family party this weekend, so thank the lawwwd... but most importantly, thank you Meghan!


What I Wore: 6.20.11


Two dresses for the price of one:
This dress can turn into a strapless tube dress as well as its original form: a halter dress!


Dress: Bloomingdale's

Guest Blog Post - Sleeveless in Seattle

This post was written by my cousin Jenny, a fellow style, and wedge (of course), obsessive. She just moved to Seattle for the summer to intern at Nordstroms HQ and started a blog to document her time there, Sleeveless in Seattle. Enjoy her footwear finds!

One of the perks of interning for Nordstrom, aside from the 20% discount, is that it is completely acceptable to browse the online merchandise during work hours. And since online shopping is one of my most favorite activities to do in my spare time, I am more than happy to get paid for it. In particular, I've been obsessing over the wedges and platforms that have been added to the Nordstrom website recently. Here are some of my favorites representing a range of different price points for the budget-conscious fashionista like myself. All of these styles can be found here. Enjoy!
Steve Madden 'Gabborr' Sandal, $129.95

Steve Madden 'Grettaa' Sandal, $129.95

Jeffrey Campbell 'Harlow' Sandal, $164.95

Jeffrey Cambell 'Darian' Sandal, $144.95

Jeffrey Cambell 'Zup' Bootie, $204.95

Dolce Vita 'Jade' Wedge Sandal, $179.95

Jimmy Choo 'Ulla' Wooden Platform Sandal, $575

Jimmy Choo Triple Platform Wedge Sandal, $795.00

Prada Suede Platform Wedge, $750.00

Prada Leopard Print Open Toe Suede Wedge, $950.00

Alexander McQueen Peep Toe Sculpted Wedge Pump, $930

Review: Senso Agnes


I had previously blogged about the Senso Agnes wedges and fell in love. When Solestruck had a 15% off sale, I decided to get em. I opted for both colors because I wanted to try them on and decide in person what color I loved and return the unwanted pair. It still is a tough decision, but part of me thinks I like the INSANE neon yellow/green the best. The neon yellow is smooth and the blue has more texture (as you can tell in the pictures). What color do you like best?
Unfortunately, they were uncomfortable and I decided to return them both. The blue felt like it fit better than the yellow pair, but both were loose around the sides and my foot felt like it was going pop right out of them even though they fit well and were tight when standing (look how scrunched my toes are!). The blue pair came with an ink smudge on it, so it made it pretty easy for me to decide to send the blue pair back. It's hard to let go of the other pair, but I just can't even fathom spending an hour in these wedges without being in serious pain! Beauty is pain, I guess. Goodbye gorgeous shoes, goodbye!
 Sniffle, sniffle. Bye Bye Senso Agnes! Writing this post only made it a little bit harder to let them go.

Shop Spotlight: Laura Lombardi Jewelry

Laura Lombari makes AMAZING jewelry. I am seriously in love with each and every piece I've seen in her online shop. If I could, I would buy every single last one of these pieces.... I want to be a millionaire!!!


Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy


Painting my nails weekly was causing them to get weak, soft, and peel a lot. It would ruin manicures after just a couple of days. What the hell, I was drinking milk... isn't that how you get strong bones and nails? Those "Got Milk?" ads have lied to me yet again -- Do you know how hard it is to get an actual milk mustache like the ones in the ads... you can't! Liars! (They used milkshakes, btw)

Where was I... The product is supposed to be used as a base and top coat, with an additional top coat application each day. I only use it as a base and top coat and then leave it at that, no daily applications. My nails have dramatically improved since I started using this. Manicures can stay on for 7+ days at times and the top coat stays shiny for quite a while. If you had the same problem as me, I highly recommend trying this product out. If you have other issues, Nail Tek has an entire line of products that focus on different nail related issues.

Elephantine Libra Ring

Thank you Rachel @ Elephantine! It felt like getting a present from a friend, except that I paid for it. ;)


Essie - Pretty Edgy


How great is Essie's Pretty Edgy? I love how it looked with my pale skin tone and my gold jewelry. Took three coats to get the complete coverage I wanted, two was not opaque enough.