Let's Get Intimate: Meow Meow

Bra Week Part 4: AYE CHI WA WA
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Intimates that make you feel like you are queen of the mother 'effing world. 

What are the best words to describe this bra set? HOLY, FUCKING, and SHIT seem very appropriate. I mean, I look at it and I immediately regress into the cartoon character who sees a pretty lady and has their eyes pop out of their head while they shout: A-WOO-GA A-WOO-GA! It combines all of my favorite things: straps, high risk nipple exposure, highwaisted underwear, cutouts, and mesh. 

Nasty Gal... you ARE nasty, gal. License to Thrill Bra ($58) and Cutout Panty ($38 - damnit.. they said panty *cringe*) if you dare. [ Side Note: this model seems to be the "it" girl for modeling lingerie and swimwear for various stores... which makes sense... she's like the perfect bed head lovechild of GiGi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Man, some people get all the luck. ]

Since we're already talking about strapy cut-out underwear, allow me to introduce you to the magic that is Lonely's Lulu Tri Brief ($65), LuLu Strap Brief ($69), and the Sable Highwaisted Brief ($62). These briefs are all A+ choices and I can speak from experience... I own the (wait for the obvious...) highwaisted pair!
And because I cannot seem to kick this wacky underwear vibe.. let's imagine what I'd want to wear if I was stinking bloody rich and got down with my bad self. Obviously, the Myla Dominetta Open Knicker ($220). I REPEAT THERE IS "OPEN" IN THE NAME AND IT REALLY MEANS OPEN: there is a hole IN THE CROTCH!!!!!!!!!! But, like, a really classy hole.

I promise to stop with the big ole funky briefs. And since I'm feeling so generous, how about I offer up a little something for the ladies out there who run more cute than cold hard bitch. Cream! Bows! Lace! Ca-ute.

Hanky Panky Princess Lace Open Bralette ($50) is cute AND sexy, but damn if I'm not repelled by anything with "princess" in the title. Especially loving the lil' top boob (?) exposure:

Is anyone else sorta creeped out that the same tiny bows we had on our underwear as little girls are also on our sexy, slinky adult underwear? If not, well then I've got the thong for you! L'Agent Mirabel Trixie Thong ($46):

P.S.  Next up, the train goes to Nippletown, USA. Buy a ticket. Prepare yourself.