Biologique Recherche P50V

I discovered Biologique Recherche's P50V from Caroline Hirons, the skin care superwoman behind the must read She recently sat down with Pixiwoo for an enlightening skin care-centric episode of BodyTalk that is NOT to be missed (embedded at the end of the post -- watch it, seriously!) and reminded me to order the P50V I've had on my wishlist since I began reading Caroline's blog months ago.

I've never used an exfoliating toner before, and now I don't think I could ever not use one... I know I've touted baby butt soft skin from Caudalie's Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum, but pair that with this and you're left with the most supple, soft, amazing, every good skin care adjective EVER. Even though I'm only 24, and not dead and dusted by any means, this makes my skin feel incredibly younger and fresher and makeup goes on without a hitch -- no random dry bits to cling to, no icky texture, less pigmentation to conceal. Without good skin care, your makeup will never look 100% and with this, my face is becoming the perfect canvas.


Let's talk ingredients. Caroline posted about the formula changing, but only in the EU. Why? Phenol. From what I gather, the EU has banned its use, so it appears that Biologique Recherche have created a phenol-less formula for the EU and the original formula remains in the US. The original formula leaves you with a nice sting and a terrible, long lasting smell upon application -- 2 things that Caroline says the new EU formula is missing. So does the phenol-less formula work just the same? I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not sure that I want to be putting phenol on my face after a quick google search. I don't know how safe it truly is, especially given the ban in the EU. So great. Too good to be true. It had to be. Part of me wishes that I lived in the country that had the ban so I could continue to purchase the product, but at the moment I am a little wary of repurchasing the original formula... which is painful... BECAUSE THIS IS JESUS IN A BOTTLE.

So, now taking applications for anyone who wants to switch lives in a permanent, international Freaky Friday because this shit is worth it. Until then, I think I will resort to Caroline's other favorite, Clarins' Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner. But as luck would have it, even that looks hard to track down in the states...? Oh maybe I'll just try Alpha H Liquid Gold, out wait.. can't get my hands on that one easily either here in CA.

What gives?! Does the universe not want me to be properly exfoliated?!

**UPDATE!!** It looks like Rescue Rittenhouse Spa sells the phenol-less version too! I plan on comparing them! The 1970 on the bottle indicates that particular bottle contains the old formula with phenol, so don't purchase that if you want to try it out phenol-free!