Let's Get Intimate: Sporty Spice

Welcome to Bra Week Part 2: Sportswear meets boobs meets fashion.

Sportswear is all the rage right now. People are like, CrossFit this! Pilates that! -- but if you're anything like me, you just want to look active without having to be active. And that's where sportswear inspired bras come in. Throw these on under a loose tank (or wear solo if they are tank-y enough) and all of the sudden you look like a healthy individual who knows what the hell a burpie is. P.S. What the hell is a burpie? Actually, please DO NOT tell me as I don't need to hear 4,000 more pitches about why I should check out CrossFit.

This Silence + Noise sportswear inspired, Battlestar Galactica chic top from Urban Outfitters (WHY HAS NO ONE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT BATTLESTAR GALACTICA'S COSTUME DEPT. SEEMS TO HAVE PIONEERED THIS SILHOUETTE TEN YEARS AGO?!) is perfect for wearing with some high waisted pants and cheapy cheap ($19.99).

Please apply everthing I said about the above tank bra to this Silence + Noise tank bra ($29) featured below, including the observations about Battlestar Galactica (which are expectantly relevant considering the styling featured in the top left image). Starbuck wore it better.

Why did this VPL Inlay bra ($47.50 -- P.S. terrible brand name!) have to be sold out in my size...? Because the world is a cruel and unfair place.

Addiction's Nouvelle Triangular Bra ($54) is pretty pretty and I want it.
In case you can't tell, this bad ass Without Walls T-Back Bra ($48) was inspired by sportswear, feel free to look at the styling for a reminder. (JK this is actually a super stylish sportsbra, so please sweat in it.)

Maybe you want more straps and Jetsen-esque styles? Maybe you just like to spend lots of money? Helmut Lang has got ya covered on both fronts.

The Asymmetric Jersey Bra Top ($90) is great. Own it. Love it. Recommend it to all.


But, Helmut Lang-esque styles don't have to cost a million bucks. Silence + Noises' Payton Asymmetrical Bra Top ($29) is a similar style with a very dissimilar price tag. I wonder if you could wear it backwards, I almost think I prefer it that way!?