Let's Get Intimate: Soft Lil Basics

BRA WEEK... it's like shark week, but with more nipples.

For the next couple of days I am going to be walking you through my deep obsession with lingerie, intimates, underwear, and whatever you want to call them that isn't the word "panties" because aren't we all in agreement that word is used exclusively by child molesters and guys with creepy fetishes.

People, rejoice! We are in a prime age for lingerie, intimates, and funky bras. A quick browse at basically any *kewl* site out there and it is chalk full of interesting shapes and super strappy futuristic bras. And, as a long time lover of bra, side bra, and strap displaying (why is that so looked down upon..?!), I am here to guide you through my favorite basic (not in the pejorative basic bitch sense, oh how they have hijacked that word!) to the AYE CHIWAWA. I would like to preface all of this by saying that I am a WHOPPIN' 34A (or B according to the bra measuring ladies but those B's never fit so I'm calling vanity sizing bullshit), so support is literally of no concern to me. If you got tig ole bitties, take all my recommendations with a grain of salt and quit rubbing your big tatas in my face (figuratively, not literally. You can continue to do that latter.)


Simple, classic shapes and twists on classics. Solid colors. Everyday wearable. Easy.

First up we've got a classic from my collection. These Kimchi Blue Lace Triangle Bras from Urban Outfitters are cheap ($16), simple, and available in a variety of colors. I have been wearing these for years for those above reasons, but as I grow older I'm looking to explore more interesting bras and my few pairs are starting to fall apart from my years of wear and tear. They have done their job for me, it's time to move on.

What about a bra that is just slightly classier and meow meow-ier, like this Kimchi Blue Anna Colorblock Triangle Bra! This bra seems more mature, modern, etc... than the above; and barely costs more ($19.99). Gah, this bra *was* burning a hole in my UO shopping cart... but then it sold out while I was writing this post. So, FUCK. Side note: let me get at those high waisted underpants!

Perhaps you're like, Oh hi yes, a very incredibly rich woman on the phone. I would like to see your expensive wares please. (performed in the voice of Bryan Safi from Throwing Shade -- that's a whole nother blog post) Oh, lady after my own heart... I've got just the thingies for ya!

Land of Women.

These High-Waisted Briefs ($55) are googly heart eyes, especially when paired with their Triangle Bra ($80) or Classic Bra ($80). These may just be coming to anomie in the future.


Simple. No fuss Triangle Bra (39 Euro). Wardrobe staple. Sheer panel on The Panelled Briefs (35 Euro), need I say more. Also, potentially coming to anomie soon-ish!
Base Range.

I carry Base Range in anomie and I wear them daily. I am currently wearing and loving the Triangle Bra. In fact, I'm having a hard time taking it off -- not because its hard to take off, but because it feels like wearing a boobie cloud! Their organic bamboo jersey is SO soft. Pick any of the following and you will be satisfied to the fullest. (P.S. I sell all of these Base Range bras in anomie and we are currently running an intimates promotion -- 30% off all intimates through the money of February with code: 30. So ends my shameless plug.)
Perhaps you like straps that cross in the back? Then the X Bra ($60) is for you [bottom left]! Or maybe you want granny chic support? Hello, Soft Bra ($60) [top left]! Can I point you to my current favorite.. the Triangle Bra ($60) [top right]. P.S. All look DOPE paired with their High Waist Bell Pant ($38) [bottom right].

 At this point you are probably very over the high waist underwear and you're like, Chelsea, this shit is stupid looking and irrational for daily wear. Show me some real underwear! To which I reply, You haven't seen stupid until you've seen me on laundry day wearing my high waist bell pants with low rise boyfriend jeans. I will admit that I do not, in fact, wear high waisted underwear on a daily basis. But I do love the feeling I get when wearing them. Makes me feel womanly. 

For the daily wear, you're gonna wanna look no further than Calvin Klein Invisible Hipsters ($12 each or 3/$30) and Thongs. Haley swears by these and posted about them ages ago on her tumblr; so naturally, like any loyal friend and blog reader I blindly bought what she told me to. And now, I am telling you to do the same. You'll thank her and ultimately me. Unless you are our friend Kelsey who was kinda meh about them. I still enjoy a good thong, but these invisible hipsters are just that... invisible. Gone is your choice between VPL or cloth shoved up your butt, the invisible hipsters are here for you. No VPL, but super cute cheek action when you catch yourself in the mirror and whisper quietly, Someday it'll be a donkey booty....

Side Note: I really need to get these for when I start my career as a pant saggings, 90s R&B singer: