Let's Get Intimate: Nippletown, USA

(Belated) Bra Week Part 5: NIPPLES GALORE
[ PART 1 - Soft Basics ] [ PART 2 - Sporty Spice ] [ PART 3 - Hey Gurl ] [ PART 4 - Meow Meow ]

If there is one thing I like more then a comfy, soft Base Range bra... it's a skank-nasty, meshy, see thru, meow meow, nipples galore number. Not because I want to show the world my nipples... quite the opposite actually. They are just really fun to wear. So long as you know your shirt isn't going to nip slip you, I absolutely love a meshy or lace-y bra sneak peak with one of my T by Alexander Wang tanks. ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN TO NIPPLETOWN, USA!!!

1st Stop: Lonely St.

For the slightly nervous nipple displayers, Lonely's Lulu ($99) isn't too sheer and is quite comfy with all the straps.. like a human Thundershirt.

Same thing goes for the Sable Cut Out ($99) (Psst.. I own this one!):

 If you're from the more straps, the better camp; this version of the Lulu ($109) is for you:

And this version of the Lulu too ($85):

Next Stop: Sheer Blvd.

So sheer, so good. Nude's Sheer Bra will be coming to anomie soon enough!

UM PLEASE. Not convinced by the L'Agent Saskiia ($98)? Click thru, see it on the model, drool, clean up said drool, click checkout.

The same goes for this Edge O'Beyond (weird luxury intimates brand name, IMHO) Evie Bra ($176). Click thru and check the model in the full garter, bra, undies getup... let me know if you haven't immediately become bisexual because there must be something wrong with you:

 If you're not into intimates that are the same color as my soul, you can always go cutsie pink... but I typically don't, as it doesn't suit my skin tone. But!!!!! I would probably make an exception for this EXPENSIVE, LUXURIOUS call girl to the rich and famous get up from Agent Provocateur. This trifecta: Gloria Bra ($250), Brief ($190), and Suspender ($250) is WHOA.

....UH OH. Is your butt jealous of all the love your boobs are getting? Next stop: Ass Ave.

Yes, ma'am. Love it. La Perla's Bognia Thong ($78). Also love the idea of La Perla. It's a fancy goal of mine to own a La Perla piece -- screams fancy and luxury. (ALSO: If you want to be treated to the whole beautiful package... scroll down on their site for the garter and bra to match. HELLO BEAUTIFUL LUXURY!!!)

 I love how lace can pull old granny but in a totally different context can also pull sexy underwear. Exhibit A: Sexy Underwear #2 -->  L'Agent Saskiia Trixie Thong ($46).


IS THIS EVEN A BRA?!?! Unleash the puppies and stick on some pasties because the Nipple Express has arrived at the station with Bordelle's Messina Open Bra ($115). If you're into the harness extra strappy thing, check out this guy too. Please make no 50 Shades of Grey references in the comments. I did not read the book. I did not see the movie. I only have a slight idea of what occurs. Weird shit was kewl before that fan fic came out.

Well, things got progressively weirder and I'm just going to end it there.