In case you're been wondering why the blog and youtube channel have been a little neglected lately... it's because I've been completely wrapped up in starting my own business the past few months. Ahh!


anomie is an online lifestyle boutique (clothing, jewelry, bags, home goods, and accessories) that showcases emerging and independent brands. It is something that I've been dreaming up for years, actually working very hard towards for over a year, and is now almost ready for the world to see... anomie is set to launch 1/1/14! And while we are solely online right now... I have big dreams of a physical location in the Bay Area someday.. someday being the operative keyword. Until then, the store will pop up throughout San Francisco + Marin County for those of you who want to say hello or see the goods in the flesh -- none have been scheduled so far, but I'm workin' on it!

I'm so completely and utterly excited, happy, scared, etc etc.. about the launch. There are so many brands that I have admired for years and pieces I've owned and loved (and even shared right here before) that will be offered and hopefully you might find some new favorites along the way too. I, personally, have a huge love for discovering and supporting small brands and designers. As I have written in the store bio...
..."there is something about the feeling we get each time we wear an item of clothing, jewelry piece, or accessory that has been built by the creativity, energy, and talent of another individual that is very powerful and fulfilling. Combine that with the rewarding knowledge that you are directly supporting an individual to follow and be sustained by their creative passion and that is why we love to 'shop small.'"
Because it hasn't launched justttt yet (January 1st just seemed like too fitting an opening day for a new business endeavor to start, no?), you will not be able to see the site for another few weeks. ...BUT! If you are curious about the launch process or our brands, you can always check out anomie's facebook // twitter // instagram // pinterest // or tumblr pages.

P.S. Everyone always asks about international shipping... and yes, I plan to integrate that in once I get a handle on all the logistics. I'm a one man band, over here! Until then (and just for the first few months probably), the site will only integrate US shipping and all international orders will be taken on a case-by-case basis by emailing

Thank you so much for all the support and kind words you all have offered so far... I really, truly, deeply appreciate it.

Save While Spending: Ebates Cash Back


A Day in the Life: ChelseaWears


Curious to see what (superrrr professional work) goes into running ChelseaWears on a typical blog writing/video filming day?

Find out on Beth Animal Print!

Bumble and bumble. Classic + Spray de Mode


Hair spray isn't a beauty item that I've tried every brand of and really know my stuff about. What's my hair spray authority resumé? Well, I used to spray my ponytails into shiny, hard helmets on my head every day in middle school, so there's that. For those of you who are actually knowledgeable about hair, feel free to take all of this with a grain of sea salt spray. See what I did there? Hair humor.

[ bumble and bumble. classic + spray de mode ]

I've been using both the Bumble and bumble. Classic and the Spray de Mode for years. I am a huge fan of the Spray de Mode -- it's got memory, give, can be brushed out, and NEVER leaves you with flaky spray bits. I find it's perfect for hair styles worn down and I love the effect in next day hair (ends up being a great texturizing spray!). On the other hand, the Classic is my go to high-hold spray, for all the times I wear my hair pulled back hard and tight. Once again, no flaky bits here and both smell good as far as hair sprays go (a little alcohol-y, but nice).

I'm curious to hear what sprays you love/swear by -- and how they rate next to these? Let me know!

Instagram: ChelseaWears


Are we insta-pals?

Leah Reena Goren Cat Pouch


A huge score from Renegade SF -- love this as my makeup bag.

[ cat pouch - leah reena goren ]

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser // Rivitalize & Glow Serum


[ aurelia probiotic skincare miracle cleanser* // sample of revitalize & glow serum* ]

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Skin Cleanser* is a quality makeup removing cleanser which has taken the place of my beloved Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm as I've been feeling a little bored with the same old routine day in and out and was looking to get a little experimental (I've also adopted using Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser as a second step to mix things up -- watch out for this crazy girl!). The switch up has actually been working out really well, so I'm not running back to my old routine anytime soon.

I apply a good sized dollop of the Miracle Cleanser* to my dry face, enjoy the fresh and natural scent, and work it into my skin. It rubs in very smoothly, despite not being an oil based cleanser, and comes off easily with a quick wipe over with it's accompanied washcloth. I haven't tested it, but I suspect if I did a once over with a cotton pad of Bioderma there would be very little to no makeup left on my skin at all. I have about 3/4 of the tub left, but I suspect I will be purchasing this once it's used up.

I apply the Revitalize & Glow Serum* after a second cleanse, whatever mask and toner I may or may not be using at the moment, and some La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (if it's nighttime). It sinks into my skin within seconds, feels light and airy (not tacky in the slightest), smells nice, and wears very well under makeup. Combine that with some Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream and I'm left with soft, hydrated skin that honestly looks more glowy than it has in ages (thanks to also drinking LOTS (!!!) of water daily). I've been looking for a good anti-aging serum since forever; so, despite the fact it's a tad pricey, I've got plans to buy a replacement once this runs out next week.

I can't really think of any negative things to say; I really love both products and would 100% drop my hard earned money down to buy each of them... and probably some more products I'm curious about from the line... my bank account is super thrilled about that. Not.

*When I was contacted about my potential interest in sampling Aurelia skincare for review I was immediately sold upon reading the word probiotic. I'm a huge fan of probiotics -- I take them multiple times a day orally and credit them with helping quell my crazy chin acne situation. I was not paid to write this post. I accepted these products for review.

What I Wore: 10.20.13


Sweater: Vince
Top: Topshop
Pants: Topshop
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse
Necklace: Minoux

Illesteva Leonard Matte Light Purple Sunglasses


Save While Spending: Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale


Pale Skin Contour Products - Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow and Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium


If you are light skinned, finding a perfect contour can be a challenge... Too dark! Too warm! Too harsh! 

Through extensive "research" -- what I prefer to call my sitting in sweatpants watching YouTube videos for 3 years straight -- I have finally narrowed it down to the only two contour products I really need... Illmasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow and Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium. One cream. One powder. Great cheekbones. [ HINT: Apply these all over, instead of a blush, and prepare to be amazed. ]

These really are THE must-have contour products for every self respecting pale makeup lover/hoarder (Let's be real. We, the makeup crazies, all totally fall somewhere on the "hoarders" spectrum. I, for one, am still waiting for the episode where someone is buried in makeup. She's out there. Drowning in MAC lipstick. I can feel it.).

L'Oreal EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System - Shampoo + Conditioner


Heads Up: L'Oreal EverCréme is a cheaper alternative to my beloved (and pricey!) Ojon Damage Reverse.
$7 vs. $24. You do the math.

[ l'oreal evercréme intense nourishing shampoo and conditioner ]

This L'Oreal EverCréme shampoo and conditioner duo performs amazingly well for its price point. $6.99 each?! Yes gawd, girl. My bank account is finally happy with me.

Pros? Sulfate-free, smells nice, and makes my hair feel crazy soft... rivaling the much pricier Ojon set I typically buy.

Cons? They sometimes give my hair too much nourishment. It will feel a bit weighted down and even slightly greasy/sticky from leftover product after showering. Make sure you spend a little more time than usual washing out the conditioner and you'll be fine. Or maybe I'm a just fully grown baby who can't even shower properly. Also, most days it's hit or miss whether this will make my naturally wavy hair texture look nice (AKA non-frizzy -- the holy grail for wavy/curly hair).

Verdict. Despite the great value and performance of this duo, the Ojon Damage Reverse line remains the all around favorite because I pretty much never have to worry about frizzing issues with those. Not everyone can pull off the Grace Coddington look on the daily (especially me, in the SF fog!).

Datter Industries Cat Face Ring


 Picked this bad boy up at Renegade to share with my mom (AKA she bought it, I will borrow).
meow, meow.

Atelier Cologne - Vanille Insensée


An intoxicating, gorgeous, sexy, warm vanilla scent.

Essie - For the Twill of It


I'm not one for duo-chrome or shimmery nails, but HOT DAMN I love this polish!

Ray Ban Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in Green


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray


It's a shit dry shampoo (they boast it's a great alternative to one -- lies!) but a fab 2nd day spray in the lengths.
(After I've used blow pro Faux Dry and Jonathan Green Rootine around my roots, of course.)

Catbird Tomboy and Classic Hammered Frist Knuckle Rings


Knuckle rings make it hard to open my water bottle, but I'll suffer from dehydration for fashion.

I've been dying for some catbird stacking rings for years -- I've drooled at them in the flesh at their Brooklyn shop and spent way too much time pinning them late at night. But alas, I never took the plunge. I've always held back because A. they are pricey and B. I never know what sizes to get for knuckle rings. Problem solved. The rings went on sale recently, a rare occurrence, so I jumped at the opportunity. I threw caution to the wind and guessed at what sizes I would need (I was actually pretty accurate thanks to a googling website that allowed me to measure my Datter Industries knuckle ring for comparison). I ended up with 2 Tomboy First Knuckle Rings and 3 Classic Hammered First Knuckle Rings (plus a free tote!).

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Messenger in Jade


I'm in love.

[ 3.1 phillip lim pashli messenger in jade ]

See me gush about/review it here.

Protect Ya Neck: Physical Sunscreen


Just because Summer is over doesn't mean you should quit with the SPF.

I'm all about "physical" sunscreens (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide -- read up on difference from chemical sunscreens here.) These sunscreens are easily found at your local health food store, or even Sephora! I personally love the Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 under makeup, the Lavanila The Healthy Sun Screen Face Cream on my face when I'm not wearing makeup, and will use any of the above creams on my body.

Any other sunscreen recs? I'm all ears!

FACE: Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 00 + Laura Mercier Mineral Powder // YSL Rouge Volupté #2

To see how I did this makeup and for all product information, watch the video.

What I Wore: 10.8.13


Top: Zara
Jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters (similar ones here and in black here)
Necklace: Gift from Grandma
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

What I Wore: 10.5.13


ASOS Petite Exclusive Biker Coat


The ASOS PETITE Exclusive Biker Coat* is a beauty. Why?

It's a simple formula really... faux leather sleeves + black = love. 

Want more proof? Check my previous OOTD video to see it used in an all black everythangg getup.

*ASOS offered me a *free* coat of my choosing as part of their fall #coatenvy campaign, but I would WITHOUT A DOUBT buy this myself in case you're curious! Not a sponsored or required post, I am choosing to share the coat with you!

What I Wore: 10.3.13


What I Wore: 9.21.13


Dress: Zara
Belt: ASOS

Ray Ban Clubmaster + Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in Blue

Can't get enough sunglasses lately. Seriously. Someone stop me... please.

FACE: Tarte Tinted Moisturizer + Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder // NARS Yu


To see how I did this makeup and for all product information, watch the video.

Coupon Code: $20 off Space.NK.


Drooling over Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder on Space.NK.'s website? 
Use code DISCOVERY20 to get $20 off any purchase of $75 or more. 
So ya know, the typical cost of one thing from there. ;)

Coupon Code: 20-25% off Saks Fifth Avenue


I have never met a friends and family sale I didn't like... if only Dexter didn't land me a $200 ear infection vet bill yesterday...
Use code FRNFAM to get 20-25% off Saks Fifth Avenue!

Coupon Code: 25% off Shopbop


YES!!!! My very favorite time of the year at Shopbop. Get 25% off with code INTHEFAMILY25
I've got my eyes peeled on this red Clare Vivier Messenger I've been lusting after for years.

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque


I first heard the gushings over Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque from Anna... and like all her recommendations, this face mask that stands up to the hype. [ side note: my beauty trifecta team = Lisa Eldridge, Anna, and Caroline Hirons... they will NEVER steer you in the wrong direction. #blindfaith ]

Slap it on, rinse off after 10-15 minutes, and you're one mask application closer to gorgeous skin. The man at the Aesop store on Fillmore St. (San Francisco) told me this mask is so gentle that you could potentially use it every day. Now, I don't use it that frequently -- as I'm typically running a rotation of Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant, REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, and Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant -- but it probably gets busted out of the medicine cabinet at least two times a week with happy results. However, when it comes to balancing my temperamental skin, I must say that the aforementioned Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant still holds the #1 place in my heart.

Sam Edelman Sandals: Genna and Georgina


You know I love my Sam Edelman sandals... and my mom really pulled through on my birthday!

Korres Showergel


The variety of scents Korres offers for body wash is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Coupon Code: 20% off Equipment

Get 20% off Equipment online with code "EQFRIENDS".

Aesop Geranium Leaf Duet [ Body Balm + Body Cleanser ]


[ aesop geranium leaf body balm + body cleanser ]

The most irrational purchase I've made in ages, but f it. The smell!!

Coupon Code: 20% off Bloomingdale's


Friends and Family time at Bloomingdale's = big savings with code 'FRIENDS'.
I don't know about you... but I have my eye on a certain Helmut Lang item...

What I Wore: 9.6.13


Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant


Think you've smelled the worst smelling facial mask ever? You haven't. Biologique Recherche's Masque Vivant is THE worst smelling mask I've ever had the "privilege" of using. It's a balancing mask (I'm not fancy enough to say "masque") which intends to balance (duh) and also brighten, tone, and refresh your complexion. I was recommended this product during my facial at Rescue Spa in Philly -- which, by the way, was awesome and I would totally recommend to anyone in the area. Like, I'm seriously upset over the fact I don't have the time to fit in an appointment when I'm back in town for a weekend wedding awesome.

The esthetician warned me about the smell before she put it on and I, thankfully, had already tried it before as a sample in the previous week and knew what I was in for. Why? Like I've said, the smell is STRONG. So strong you're convinced that she is really just wiping some sort of compost bin sludge on your face and calling it a day. The mask itself contains high concentrations of cucumber, witch hazel, and live yeast extracts... which, if I recall correctly, was some sort of goat yeast that is omg, so amazing for your skin... or something like that. Also explains the smell. Spoiled yogurt/soy sauce is probably the best description? I'm not kidding! The yeast, and mask in general, is also supposed to be great for seborrheic skin (read: seborrhoeic dermatitis/seborrhoeic ezcema), which can be a very tricky skin issue. [ Note: Biologique Recherche recommends that "[f]or seborrheic skin mix a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of Complexe Iribiol with Masque Vivant and apply the frothy mixture in a thin layer over the entire face, neck and cleavage." ]

Speaking of skin issues, I am having a major one at the moment. My much hated chin skin is at it again. I'm chalking this all up to I have some sort of freaky hormone imbalance and I need to stop being a lazy ass and get my hormones tested at the doctor ASAP. Because of this bullshit I seem to always be dealing with on my volcanic chin, I've busted this mask out in hopes that 1-2 weekly use can be of some help, but only time will tell. What I do know is that the rest of my skin, my normal skin from the top lip up, really enjoys this mask.... even though my nose doesn't. Word on the street is that this mask is awesome for oily skin when you mix a little baking soda in (akin to above recommendation for seborrheic skin), so I plan on trying that out soon.

How to Use: I slap an even layer all over my face after I've cleansed and applied P50, avoiding the eye area because I need a trip to the ER with a fucked up eye like I need more zits in my life, so no thank you. I leave it on anywhere from 10-20 minutes, per the tube's instructions, or whenever it is I look at the clock and realize I totally should have taken my mask off a while ago. Their website says 15 minutes wear time and to double rinse it off. The tube says with tepid water and a soft sponge. Continuity error. I do not have a soft sponge at my disposal, nor do I want to use one from the pack underneath my kitchen sink, so I just rinse it really well with my hands or use a washcloth very lightly. I typically dread the taking it off part because the mask's smell subsides a little bit when it has settled onto skin/slightly dried. When you get it wet in the removal process, the smell is back full force. Joy. It also looks a little like baby diarrhea, which only just adds to the whole gross out factor. Overall, I'd recommend this mask to anyone with or without the skin issues described above, so long as you're cool with the price tag ($59).

Don't believe me? The skin care wiz and owner of Rescue, Danuta Mieloch, says:
"If you do Masque Vivant at least twice a week you'll never age. This unique mask contains live yeast extracts which are packed with amino acids and famously nourishing Vitamin B.  There is no product like it to keep your skin purified, revitalized and bright.  In my 20 years of experience with it, I have seen it drastically improve many peoples complexions."

What I Wore: 7.28.13


FACE: Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer w/ Laura Mercier Mineral Powder + NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Belle de Jour w/ Buxom Gloss in Yoo-Hoo


What I Wore: 7.15.13


Top: Converse All-Star Top from Target
Jeans: BDG Jeans from Urban Outfitters (similar)

What I Wore: 7.5.13


Leggings: "One More Time Leggings" c/o Esther Boutique (similar ones are here + here + here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers 
Bag: Zara

What I Wore: 7.4.13


Necklace: c/o Popbasic
Shirt: c/o Popbasic 
 Clutch: c/o Popbasic
Jeans: BDG Jeans from Urban Outfitters

Sam & Libby Keira Tall Gladiator Sandal with Studded Straps from Target


$27.99 for these awesome Sam & Libby gladiators? Don't mind if I do... 
Seriously. I just bought ALL the colors... and 2 pairs in brown... #hoarder

Everything about them is great, but I wish the black and silver versions weren't made with a shiny material. I much perfect the "satin finish" of the faux leather brown ones. However, I will deal... who knows when I'll need to dress up like a robot and need perfect shiny silver sandals!? Got it f*&^ing covered!

NOTE: I had a buy a half size up.

What I Wore: 7.2.13


Jeans: BDG from Urban Oufitters
Bag: Zara

What I Wore: 6.21.13


Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40


This summer I vow to never get a sunburn. 

Which is basically an impossible task for someone like myself (WHITE AS ALL HELL.). I've never managed to get through a whole summer without some sort of burn -- ranging from some red, irritated skin to peeling shoulders to WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED AM I GOING TO NEED A SKIN TRANSPLANT. But, not this time. No, no. This is going to be the summer of shade and the summer of Clarins' UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection.

This stuff is seriously stellar -- I've gone though 1/2 a bottle already and it is my go to facial sunscreen. I've become even more cognizant about sun protection than before (read: I'm becoming an SPF psychopath) because I'll be damned if I'm getting skin cancer again! With SPF 40 and UVA-UVB protection you can trust, not just some added SPF to your makeup product, this physical sunscreen (sing it with me: "I AM TITANNNIUMMM... dioxide") feels weightless on your skin and doesn't leave any awkward white cast. Note: I've not paid attention/tested this for flashback with photography, so I can't help you there.

Apply it under makeup. Wear it alone. Check out the tinted versions (too dark for me, otherwise I would). Whatever you do, just get it and wear it every day.

Sam Edelman Lisle Booties - Olive


Say hello to one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes. Hello shoes.

Everything about the Sam Edelman Lisle bootie is perfect, except that the zipper clinks when you walk and I have yet to find a way to make it not happen (that actually doesn't bother me too much). I'm so obsessed with them that I own FOUR pairs. One in tan, one in black, one in olive (my favorite!), and wine (a very close second). Excessive? No. Why not? BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYTHING.

If you've been reading this here blog or watching my YouTube videos for any amount of time, I'm sure you've seen these booties pop up in countless outfits... but I had felt the need to dedicate a whole post to them because they are being sold for a ridiculous deal right now and everyone and their mom needs to own them.

No seriously, my mom has a pair too.

Coupon Code: 20% off Bloomingdale's


 Code "JUNEFRIENDS" gets you 20% almost all regular and sale priced items for women.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron


I can't begin to talk about this product without first saying a HUGE thank you to Lily Pebbles from What I Heart Today for sending this product over from the UK so that I could try it. I'm super grateful for her kindness and without it, I'd been serum-less and sad! So thank you Lily, I really appreciate it!

Now, down to brass tacks. I love me some Caudalie S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum. We've established that. I've gone through 1.5 bottles to date. Love the results. Now, here sits Hydraluron, a beloved product of some of my very favorite British beauty bloggers (*cough* Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, I love you *cough*). What was that? Did you guys hear something? Yeah... me neither. We've also established that I'm currently worshiping at the skin care altar of one Caroline Hirons, so does it surprise you to hear that she steadfastly recommends this product too?  Of course not, I'm a sheep! Baaaa. Tell me what skin care to buy, please. Baa.

The makers, Indeed Labs, claim the ultra-high-grade hyluronic acid in this serum can attract 1,000 times its weight in water. I have no clue what that means besides hydration and soft skin. I know I've said that Caudalie's S.O.S serum gave me some of the softest skin I've ever felt on my face when used after Biologique Recherche P50V, but I dare say this product squeaks ahead. Given the much smaller price tag, this would be my recommendation between the two. However, if you're in the states and have no way of purchasing this product, the only hydrating serum recommendation I can stand behind right now is the S.O.S serum. Which is expensive. Wahh wahh. Sorry!

So... how many things from Caroline Hiron's skin care routine have I adopted into my own... let's count:
  1. Emma Hard Amazing Face Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm
  2. Biologique Recherche P50V
  3. Indeed Labs Hydraluron
Yup, that confirms it. I am a mindless drone.

Once again, I compel you to learn from the master herself, my skin care sensei, Caroline Hirons:

Zara Leather Sandal - Nude


Excuse me while I quote vintage Britney, "Oops, I did it again..."

You may recognize these Zara heels from a previous post... but... they are different, I swear! It's totally rational to need the same exact shoe in both a nude and black version! Honest! Don't look at me like that! *looks up shopping addition inpatient facilities*

Jonathan Green Rootine Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo can be a total savior, or it can leave a dusty, unattractive white cast in your hair that can best be described as the hair of a low budget community theater's elderly character portrayed by someone in their 20s. Lord help us all. Not to mention, which I can regretfully tell you from experience, white powder dry shampoos (like my beloved blow "faux dry") totally give off flashback during flash photography. So excuse me while I run and untag a few pictures on Facebook. Ugh.

And now I bet you're sitting there thinking, "Well, then why don't you use a spray dry shampoo?" To be blunt, I think they suck. I have yet to find one that really works at absorbing oils and find powders to be FAR more effective and long-lasting. Which brings us to the product at hand, Jonathan's Green Rootine, a brush-on colored dry shampoo I have been using for years.

It's easy. Good -- I'm lazy! It's colored. Yes -- no gray hair! It's effective. Yes -- no greasy hair! It's long lasting. Yes -- still no greasy hair!

The only downsides with this product are that the brown color is quite warm (which may not work for all brunettes), it's not readily available in many locations (I always buy online from random places now, but it used to be in ULTA), and the texture it leaves in your hair (slightly gritty). I quite like the warmth it adds to my hair, so I'm fine in that regard. In response to the texture issue -- yeah, it makes your hair a little gritty, but you're more fickle than the Princess and the Pea if you want a weightless, color-free dry shampoo that eats up all grease and leaves hair shiny and silky on the 3rd or 4th day after showering. I don't think those exist. If you found one. Tell me, tell everyone, tell the world.. lord knows we are all looking.

I find this incredibly easy to use and typically brush it through the stupid baby hairs that surround my face at my hairline and tend to get greasy within 0.5 seconds of showering. What? I'm not bitter! I brush a little down my part (watch out and don't make your part turn orange where your skin is!), a little around the crown, and day 3 hair feels like day 1.5.

If you've experienced some of the same problems as I have with dry shampoo, why not test and see if any of the Green Rootine color options work for you? All natural ingredients, too! Can't argue with that!