What I Wore: 8.20.11


Long time no see! I've been so busy with visitors, working, getting ready for grad school, and traveling that I've had no time to get my blog on. Please forgive me. You won't? What if I tell you I have a giveaway coming up soon? Bribery at it's finest. Now that we are friends again, check out these pictures from my first day in NYC taken in Washington Square Park and our awesome hotel, The Cooper Square Hotel.

Flower Top: Topshop
Tank: Urban Outfitters
Jorts: Hudson (I cut into shorts)
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Irish Necklace: Gift from Grandpa
Crystal Necklace: Etsy
Shuffle Stack Bracelet: Madewell
Friendship Bracelets: Madewell and Urban Outfitters
Claddagh Ring: Mom's
Thin Gold Rings: Etsy

WANT: Pangea Organics Skincare Discovery Kit


While on the prowl for all-natural and organic beauty products, I discovered Pangea Organics through Birchbox. I was really excited because this was EXACTLY what I was looking for (check out their "ingredient glossary"). My brother, a TOTAL raw/organic/no-chemicals-ever nut, even approved of the brand... though he did claim that he can make these for cheaper (typicallll). I told him to prove it, so I'm going to be getting a "SeanBox" in the mail from him to test out samples of skincare products he made from scratch. If they are legit and I like them, we joked about starting our own all-natural skincare line called ginkgo botanticals with the tag line, "a natural decision" (get it?? get it??).

Anyways, back to Pangea Organics. Their website explains their mission better than I ever could:

Pangea Organics offers you our serious commitment to using beneficial, organic, raw ingredients, providing open-disclosure and transparency of ingredients and operating under responsible business practices that benefit people and planet. We carefully select the highest quality fatty acids, essential oils and botanical extracts that nature has to offer while avoiding ingredients that have been processed with petrochemicals.
Our mission is to bring your skin the purest, most biocompatible nourishment and to delight your senses with skin-beneficial aromas while avoiding the common toxins found in many conventional products. Our formulas are designed to quicken the skin’s own regeneration cycle, restore your complexion’s radiance and tone, soothe your skin and senses with unique, therapeutic aroma blends, protect from environmental damage and promote an overall youthful radiance.
Pangea Organics products are skillfully formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin with the highest quality antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils, and nourishing plant botanicals that nature has to offer. We take it a step further by using organic ingredients which contain 30% more antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts and leaving out all synthetics and petroleum-based chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ and may absorb as much as 80% of what you put on it. The idea is to nurture yourself while nourishing your skin. You deserve it! Pangea’s core values are based on the belief that the thing that makes a good product and a good company are one and the same: INTEGRITY – of product, performance, practices, people, planet, and purpose. That’s why we believing in creating products that are “Always Beneficial, Never Artificial”. Good for you. Good for every body.
ALWAYS: Nurturing, Handcrafted, Organic, Fair Trade (whenever possible), and Cruelty-Free
NEVER: Petroleum, Sulfates or Detergents, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances, or GMOs 

I recently purchased the Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean and Cranberry facial scrub and the Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Gogi Berry facial mask during a promotional sale (15% off in honor of 15,000 Facebook fans) and I've been pretty pleased with them. The facial scrub smells strongly of... honestly, I don't know how to describe it... just the epitome of nature, but not necessarily in a good way? Strong. I may have flinched and jumped back at first sniff, but it exfoliates well so I'm not hatin'. The facial mask smells far better and makes my face feel fresh and smooth. It is the exact color of dirt, mud, and my dog's poop. Yeah. I went there.

Now, onto the items that I want to share with everyone. Pangea Organics sells skincare discovery kits that include a 30 day supply of five products and one eye cream sample tailored to three different skin types: normal to dry, normal to combination (hey, that's me!), and oily to blemish-prone. I think it's a good way to get introduced to a brand's whole skincare regimen for just $40. DEAL ALERT: They also throw in a free lip balm -- $12 value -- into your shopping cart automatically at checkout if you buy a set). The full priced, full size versions are about 3x larger than these "discovery sizes" (which are also sold separately).

I wish that I had purchased a discovery set instead of two full sized items because it would have been more fun to try out multiple products (including the two I purchased) to see if I want them. I'll just have to wait and see if I get someone new in a future Birchbox! Or "SeanBox".....

DIY: Fishtail Braid


Emily, of Cupcakes and Cashmere, made a tutorial video on how to do a fishtail braid. Thanks to her I finally know how and plan on trying one soon. I can finally cross of "google how to do a fishtail braid" off my never ending to-do list (which includes such trivial stuff as "find bright neon orange nail polish" and "make a friendship bracelet"... I know, dire stuff.).

[ for more fishtail braid tutorials see here, here, here, here, and here ]

Apartment Spotlight: My Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


One of the most amazing things about our new place is the GIGANTIC medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I am so happy that I am able to fit all my haircare, skincare, nail polish, and some makeup products in it. I'm attempting to learn more about all sorts of beauty products right now so I'm testing a lot of different ones out, hence having five different types of foundation primer (NARS, Too Faced, Smashbox, Benefit, and Makeup Forever). See any products in there you are curious about? Anything you use too? Ryan has so kindly (aka he had no option) given all the space to me except for ONE product he has in it... can you spot it?

Online Wishlist: Sam Edelman Ginger Gladiator Flat


My Sam Edelman gladiators are my FAVORITE pair of sandals I've ever owned and I have them in three different colors. They don't make that style anymore (they are from 2 summers ago), but you can get the Ginger flat on sale now (in multiple colors). I want!

WANT: Madewell Waterlily Dress


Another day, another item I find on the internet I love. Madewell's Waterlily Dress (on sale too, hellooo) screams spring and Easter to me. Who cares that spring is three seasons away because just like Veruca Salt, "I want it now!"

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 110 - Pink Porcelain + Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 00

I'm pale, have freckles and pink undertones in my skin, and sometimes I have spots of redness. Because of these irritating factors, finding a foundation is incredibly difficult. From my experience, most foundations are made for skin with beige or yellow undertones, not pink undertones. Exhibit A: Whenever I get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar, they always try to cover the redness by putting foundation on my face. That would be great and thoughtful, except the problem is the lightest color foundation is SO far from my skin tone that I end up looking ridiculous, half red/half yellow. After repeatedly wasting money on foundations that salespeople swore up and down matched my skin (THOSE LIARS!), I finally found the right one:

A few years ago while living in San Francisco, I enlisted Lori, my roommate at the time, to help me on my quest for coverage. We went from counter to counter in Bloomingdale's, where the salespeople kept telling us whatever goop they smeared on me worked. Lori would shut them down completely. I loved it! Since I was uneducated about makeup at the time, I always hated talking to makeup salespeople -- they don't always tell the truth and I was too dumb to know it's not the right product for me. Lori was like my mom, taking me to buy my first training bra, and I was the awkward kid, too embarrassed to ask questions. Our hunt was unsuccessful until finding ourselves in front of the Make Up For Ever display at Sephora, where the salesperson helped us find a shade that ACTUALLY worked for me. Even Lori approved it after going outside to see it in natural light. Just like that, I found my place in the world. I'm shade 110, Pink Porcelain, a shade for people with "porcelain skin with pink undertones!" That's me! I belong!

Have you ever used Make Up For Ever products? With 25 shades available, it is near impossible for someone to not find a match. I also recently discovered a Tarte Amazonian clay tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that also matches my skin (shade: "Agent 00"), which is great because the brand is natural and organic. For the days where I do not want a heavy layer of makeup or I need some SPF protection, I use the Tarte Smooth Operator.

What foundation do you swear your first born to? Let me know, I'm very curious!

Essie - Lapiz of Luxury


Essie's Lapiz of Luxury is a beautiful, "dreamy ocean blue." I really like this color, even though it is a little thin (it took 3 coats to get good coverage, but then it stayed on without chipping).

As you can tell by the exorbitant number of Essie polishes I wear, I really love this brand of polish. Of course it's a little pricey, but you can always find it on the internet for far less than retail. Most all of their polishes are long lasting, easy to apply, and come in amazing colors. So if you can find em for cheap or CVS is having a sale, try one out!

What I Wore: 8.13.11


Top: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Arrow Necklace: House of Harlow
Crystal Necklace: Etsy
Jade Necklace: Gift from Mom
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Madewell / Urban Outfitters
Rings: Etsy  / Etsy / Urban Outfitters

WANT: Kate Spade New York Licorice Suede Pumps

If I was a well off, office workin' girl these Kate Spade New York pumps would be an essential for my work wardrobe (in red or navy). Someday, Chels... someday... Wait, cue my palms sweating at the thought of being out of grad school and responsible for the rest of my life. AHH! Quarterlife crisis.

What are you rockin' to work? Are you reading this at work? Bad employee!!

WANT: Fiona Paxton on MYHABIT


Fiona Paxton jewelry is on sale (50% off, but still expensive) right now on MYHABIT. The sale ends Tuesday, act fast if you like anything! If I had the funds, there are a couple pieces that intrigue me and would definitely become additions to my personal collection. The three necklaces would look amazing with a strapless dress and could also act as a collar to a shirt or dress with the right neckline. The cuffs are just great for everyday wear (I think the gold is my favorite).

Designer Spotlight: Steven Alan Fall 2011

WANT: Rag & Bone Jean Fall Collection

I saw these rag & bones jeans in my email from Shopbop today and I'm getting EXCITED for fall. I need jeans in every hue imaginable! But first, I need an unlimited budget. Ain't dat da truf.

China Glaze - Pool Party


China Glaze's Pool Party is an insane pop of neon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color. It's crazy, but goes surprisingly well with all sorts of color combos in my outfits. When I applied this color, it was very dull and it took two coats (on some fingers, even three) to get the coverage I wanted. Once I applied the top coat, then the nails were perfectly shiny! A downside to this product is chipping -- it has chipped a lot in the few days I've had it on for. Maybe it's just my crappy application, but I haven't worn a polish that has chipped this much in months.

Coupon Code: Sephora.com

Never shop at Sephora without first looking at this gigantic page of codes on Sephora's site to decide what free things you want to come with your purchase! There are some amazing deals and awesome free items (even full sized ones) on this page, so be sure to bookmark it as it is sometimes hard to find via Sephora's website (I found it through google). Below are just a fraction of the deals offered:

WANT: Need Supply Co.


Apartment Spotlight: My Jewelry


I took over part of the top of Ryan's dresser (sorry I'm not sorry) with some of my rings, watches, earrings, and bracelets. I also nailed all my necklaces to the wall above the same dresser. It's so nice to have jewelry out in the open. If things are tucked away in drawers, I have a hard time getting my creative juices flowing. I feel that having all my options on display makes getting dressed a more fun, creative, and inspiring activity.

What I Wore: 8.4.11


Friendship Bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Eye Bracelet: Susan Hanover from ideeli
Woven Bracelets: Madewell
Stacked Rings: Etsy 
Knot Ring: Street Fair in Galway, Ireland
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Converse

Designer Spotlight: Elie Saab Haute Couture S/S 2011


I know this is the previous season, but it's too beautiful to not focus on. 
After looking at Fall/Winter, I had to go back and look at Spring/Summer.

Designer Spotlight: Elie Saab Haute Couture F/W 2011-2012


If you want to see how the dresses move (plus additional dresses I didn't spotlight):

 [ all images via Elie Saab ]