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Failing at Having Ethics

Forget working out and getting healthy -- 2015 marked the year I told myself I was going to put my big girl pants on and stand my ground (ethically, NOT IN THE FUCKED UP FLORIDA WAY). What I didn't realize was that I would, in fact, be putting on my literal big girls pants because I've gained a size. But that is beside the point. Or is it? ...maybe getting in shape should have been my resolution.

Let's Get Intimate: Nippletown, USA

(Belated) Bra Week Part 5: NIPPLES GALORE
[ PART 1 - Soft Basics ] [ PART 2 - Sporty Spice ] [ PART 3 - Hey Gurl ] [ PART 4 - Meow Meow ]

If there is one thing I like more then a comfy, soft Base Range bra... it's a skank-nasty, meshy, see thru, meow meow, nipples galore number. Not because I want to show the world my nipples... quite the opposite actually. They are just really fun to wear. So long as you know your shirt isn't going to nip slip you, I absolutely love a meshy or lace-y bra sneak peak with one of my T by Alexander Wang tanks. ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN TO NIPPLETOWN, USA!!!

Please Excuse this Inturruption to the Bra Series to Bring You a Size Related Announcement

Guys... my whole world has been flipped on its head.

I went to Journelle, otherwise known as boob mecca, to browse around and see all my bra week picks in the flesh. We started to debate the salesperson on our sizing and Haley, not believing what this lady was selling, opted to get measured. I wasn't about to try anything on, but then I got curious... "measure me, tooooo," I shouted while running into their dressing room already sans shirt.

And that's precisely when my mind was blown to smithereens.

Let's Get Intimate: Meow Meow

Bra Week Part 4: AYE CHI WA WA
[ PART 1 - Soft Basics ] [ PART 2 - Sporty Spice ] [ PART 3 - Hey Gurl ]

Intimates that make you feel like you are queen of the mother 'effing world. 

What are the best words to describe this bra set? HOLY, FUCKING, and SHIT seem very appropriate. I mean, I look at it and I immediately regress into the cartoon character who sees a pretty lady and has their eyes pop out of their head while they shout: A-WOO-GA A-WOO-GA! It combines all of my favorite things: straps, high risk nipple exposure, highwaisted underwear, cutouts, and mesh.