What I Wore: 10.23.14

I needed to get a quick product shot of the new Etched Moon Necklace by Kate Miss Jewelry for anomie, and because I happened to be wearing mine that day...  it turned into a two-for: product shot and outfit shot!

As you can tell, I'm all about the baggy, saggy ass jeans.

jeans: topshop
boots: steve madden nextstar booties
necklace: anomie
knuckle rings: anomie
cuff ring: anomie
pip ring: anomie
sunglasses: ray ban


Coupon Code: 25% off Shopbop (Last Day!)

Shopbop's Friends and Family sale is over today... better get those big buys in while you still can!

 Use code FAMILY25 for 25% off.

I want this and this and then some other things I shouldn't be looking at. $$$$!!!



So... I Rented a Céline Bag (Plus, 15% off Bag Borrow or Steal Coupon Code!)

If you saw my triumphant return to YouTube this week, there was no avoiding my blabbering on Bag Borrow or Steal. Sparked by my friend Carlye's article on Racked, I opted to throw money out the window on a Céline Trapeze rental.... and the rest was history.

I love the service and think it's great for someone who knows he/she can't afford to commit to one bag he/she might get sick of in a few months (AKA me) or someone who simply will never be able to afford a Celine bag (also me). When I think about my insane San Francisco rent, I just can't rationalize saving up all that it takes to own a bag that I can't guarantee I'm going to shit my pants over in 4 months.

And, thankfully, once I read their FAQ (because who bothers to read that before you make a potentially dangerous purchase, right?!) I learned the insurance cost is included in the rental and you are actually in the clear if the bag gets a little fucked up... you just can't make a habit of ruining bags or else they cut you off. Exhale. That eases a lot of my anxiety :)

Bonus: In honor of National Handbag Day (lol) 15% off a buy or borrow with promo code 15NHD2014!



Would you rent a bag or do you think it's a big waste of moolah?


Odette New York at anomie

When I started anomie, one of my goals was to become a beautiful, successful enough store that I could reach the honor of carrying Odette New York (which has been one of my longtime favorite jewelry brands -- re: this 2011 post). Something about the special texture of the jewelry (due to being carved out of wax and then cast in metal) combined with the beautiful designs just hits home and *wows* me. I'm basically obsessed (#fangirl) and when I went to their showroom in NYC during market week to see pieces from new and past collections in the flesh, I really had to contain myself. The phrase kid in a candy store has never been so applicable in my life... handling, trying on, and just being surrounded by Odette NY was heaven for me. There are so many gorgeous pieces in the works and narrowing down to the ones I will be ordering next is painful. Really painful. Choosing a favorite child painful. If I had the budget to get it, it would ALL be at anomie.

My friend Haley, the resident dime piece/stone cold fox model for anomie, had a creative day with me at HQ yesterday and we shot a bunch of pieces from the store -- from the HDH x anomie Edie top to gamma folk necklaces. But! Some of my favorite shots were the ones we took of anomie's current Odette NY offerings:

[ the tier cuff - made from recycled brass]

[ the crescent cuff - available in recycled brass or recycled white brass (pictured) ]

 [ the arc cage cuff - available in recycled brass or recycled white brass (pictured) ]

[ the klaia cage cuff - recycled brass ]

[ the rib ring - recycled bronze ] 

[ the totem ring - recycled bronze ]

As I said, the crescent cuff holds a special place in my heart... what is your favorite piece?

Coupon Code: 20% off Bloomingdales

Ahh, so nice when to see these emails in my inbox...

Friends and Family time at Bloomingdale's has begun! Use code FRIENDS for 20% off.
UK shoppers can shop here.

*immediately searches Helmut Lang selection*


Getting High Off my Own Supply

I am breaking the drug dealer ultimate sin...

[ elizabeth suzann crop --> a similar, exclusive crop coming to anomie soon (!!) // tiro tiro tempus necklace from anomie // illesteva leonard II ]

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