Topshop Floral and Tropical Print Trousers


I couldn't resist the Floral Print Cigarette Trousers or the Calypso Tropical Cigarette Trouser from Topshop. Likewise, I couldn't even resist posting about them either -- they haven't even come in the mail yet. In fact, I'm not sure Topshop even shipped them yet. Post shopping high, y'all. Ain't it the greatest?

I fully expect to receive a harsh email from my mom claiming these are hideous (why did I ever tell her about my blog...), but haterz gone hate. I saw pictures of you in the 80s, Mom. You're not one to talk. But I will concede, they are ugly. But "pretty ugly." You know, like how I looked in 6th grade. Correction: that was just ugly. So what that I liked my ponytails to have a hard helmet of hairsprayed hair holding them up, it was utilitarian! So what that I wore the same pair of boy's swim trunks that I bought at Nike Town for a month straight, the extra netting was really comfortable! So what that I farted that one time doing a sit up on the wall in P.E. before a run, everybody farts!

Enough about my cringeworthy tomboy phase (can you call it a phase if went on for 14 years?). This post is about some sexy ass pants. I bought the smallest size, a 2, so hopefully these bad boys fit and, keeping in mind my shortness, rest just on or above the ankle. Fingers crossed! Bless Baby J for students discounts and Ebates, I got these pants for a much nicer price than advertised! Saving money while wasting money, that's how I roll.

            [ floral print cigarette trousers - $72 ]                   [ calypso tropical cigarette trousers - $70 ]

Be sure to get the student discount and use Ebates on any Topshop purchases!!

So what's the verdict guys? Love em? Hate em?    

My NYX Lipstick Collection


In a previous post on NYX Matte Lipstick in Pure Red, I gushed about my love for the NYX Matte Lipstick formula and included swatches of my (then) entire NYX Collection. Since then, I've acquired the stunning Hippie Chic and made a video showcasing all three formulas (Matte, Regular, and Soft Matte Lip Cremes) and their gorgeous shades. Hope you enjoy it!


Products Mentioned (in no particular order):
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes: 
    • Monte Carlo, San Paulo, Amsterdam, and Addis Adaba
  • NYX Round Lipstick: 
    • Chic Red and Pink Lyric
  • NYX Matte Lipstick: 
    • Alabama, Merlot, Pure Red, Indie Flick, Hippie Chic, Shocking Pink, Bloody Mary, Sweet Pink, and Summer Breeze

As I said in the previous post (mixed with some new info)...
These highly pigmented NYX Matte lipsticks are a great value for money (they will only set you back about $5.99 for 4.5 grams of product) and, in my opinion, are quite comparable to MAC lipsticks ($14.50 for 3 grams). If you're an animal lover, you'll be happy to hear that NYX is a cruelty-free brand -- Dexter is quite pleased with that.
I haven't had a lot of experience with the regular lipstick range (worn the two I own very rarely), but I've heard good things. The Soft Matte Lip Cremes are really nice, I love the finish and look of them. They wear for quite a long time too, surprisingly. Addis Adaba, the bright pink, is definitely one of my favorites. The Mattes wear well, with a great matte finish -- duh -- but... if you're not a fan of matte lipsticks then you'll probably want to either avoid em and check NYX's regular lipstick range, which has about 70 shades, or simply apply gloss over the top. However, I love a matte finish and rarely ever use gloss or products on top of my lipstick. All of the shades (minus Hippie Chic -- which required a liner for an opaque look) I've tried were remarkably forgiving for a matte, not really that drying, wore very well on my lips with no liner, lasted for hours, and did not feather or bleed into my skin when wearing a liner -- without a liner underneath, very little occurs anyways.
If you are a packaging junkie, note that the packaging does feel a little cheap, as it's a very light plastic. Nevertheless, I have transported it around in bags and never had a problem with the top coming off or cracks in the plastic. Obviously it's not the most sleek or sophisticated packaging out there; but for a great quality lipstick for just under $6, can you REALLY complain that much?

 I highly, highly recommend you try the Matte formula out -- there is a large range (22+) of reds, cranberries, pinks, nudes, peaches, and orangier (Is that a word? Well, now it is.) shades to choose from.
FYI: The Matte shades that really stand above the rest for me are Indie Flick, Pure Red, Shocking Pink, Alabama, and Hippie Chic.
 Do you own any of these? Love em? Hate em? Let me know!

What I Wore: 7.13.12


One of my favorite outfits of the summer!

Belt: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Minoux Tiny Bar

Dogeared Jewelry


I've had these Dogeared Jewelry necklaces on my "online wishlist" for the longest time and recently bit the bullet, using some of my graduation money to finally add them to my necklace wall. I've been really into dainty gold necklaces for the past few months -- as evidenced by my latest necklace purchases from minoux -- so I was incredibly pleased when I tried them on and found each to be perfectly simple and beautiful. Now, if only my birthday would come a little sooner so I could get this gold skull necklace... and this circle necklace in rose gold or silver or gold... and this gold karma necklace! Damnit. As usual, I want more than my bank balance will ever allow. False consciousness, baby! Sup Marx! Use your Ebates account and search for coupon codes on google if you ever buy from this store -- I did both and got a nice discount!

Color Club - Blue-Ming


Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I decided to use one of my latest Birchbox goodies, a deluxe sample of Blue-Ming by Color Club, on the tips of my nails. The tip color is similar to a previous post, though I only have clear polish as the base this time around. It's a fun, bright color that I know I would like to use all over my nails, in addition to just using it for tips. It lasted for days and days without chips in this style, so I gather it would last for about a week on my full nails? Here's a tip tip: When doing this on your nails, I like to hold the brush in place and roll my finger. It's much easier to get a somewhat even line this way, rather than trying to move the brush with your finger remaining stationary. I also suggest getting a very opaque, rich formula when doing this because you need to have coverage with just one sweep of the nail. The times where I did not get an opaque finish with one sweep meant I had to go over it again and this usually resulted in larger tips than intended. Having said that, this polish wasn't fully opaque in one sweep, but the amazing color made up for it. I LOVE IT!

My boyfriend says it looks like I just scraped a bar of soap with my nails... what do boys know anyways?!

Have you tried this? Love it? Hate it?

A Pale Girl's Experience with St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse + Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning


You read it right. I, Chelsea, pale ass lady, tried a fake tan and lived to tell about it. The results were surprisingly great!

The Clarins Bronzing Lotion worked wonderfully -- and no break outs! After two applications, I was left with a really healthy looking color on my face (not that my pale skin isn't healthy looking, but I think you know what I mean). I wasn't into the idea of using the mousse on my face, so I was happy to hear great things about this product all over the web and YouTube and even happier when it worked so well for me! A+, Chelsea, the newly created bronze goddess (feel free to snicker), approved!

The St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse gave my pale skin a really healthy glow; however, I felt two coats was a little much. I started to feel a little orange in direct sunlight and didn't want to have an obvious fake tan look about me. However, my boyfriend's family saw me at lunch on my first day wearing two coats and they noticed it immediately, saying they thought I looked really healthy and nice! They were shocked to hear it was fake. Final Verdict? If you are pale -- I can't recommend this enough. If you happen to be blessed with skin pigment -- I have heard nothing but great things about this tanning product from darker skinned people and highly suggest you look into this (or the darker version) as well. Don't forget the mit!

Products Used:

What are your favorite tanning products or techniques?

Massimo Mix & Match Bandeau Swim Top


Hello all, welcome to the latest meeting of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee! Thanks for coming out today, I see we have a small crowd... ;) Just kidding, this post is for woman of all bust sizes! It's time to discuss my latest tiny (and from what I've heard, larger) boob rave product, Target's Massimo bandeau swim top. "A whole blog post related to a bandeau top Chelsea?" you ask. Well... YES! As a girl with a bust that begins the alphabet, I've always found bandeau tops to be difficult to wear (and I think this is true for most breast sizes, really). Now, I have been able to find ones tiny enough to fit around my chest without fearing that any splash could send it falling towards my bottoms... BUT in order for them to fit well, I'd have to sacrifice the appearance of my tiny boobs into some sort of squishy, flat, and/or pointed object. I think the real problem is when there is some sort of knot in the middle the pulls the fabric to the center, but I also don't like the look of a sporty block across my chest.

The key is to find a top that looks cute, but also offers a cup shape that doesn't distort (but rather supports and enhances) the shape of natural breasts. I think the key in the design of these ones from Target is that they offer a cute shape that has something going on in the middle, without pulling or shaping the boobs weirdly in the process. They aren't thin, they cover the whole boob -- top to bottom -- (though that's not saying much) and each cup has support on all four corners. Four, secure corners -- I think that's the secret for mitigating pointy boob and allowing for the natural look! These also have removable pads, which are so thin it's like they aren't even there, and come with attachable straps. I prefer to keep the pads in because I like to avoid headlights as much as possible!

[ massimo bandeau swim top - $12.58 - 17.99 ]

I know it might sound strange to analyze the shape of a bandeau top so closely, but when did I ever claim to not be strange! I can't rave enough about how much I love these swim tops, especially given the array of colors (not all pictured). I bought some online (last week) and some in-store (back in March)... in fact, I own 5 different colors -- a purple, black, dark grey, mustard, and a teal. See for yourself tiny and large boobed friends! I honestly feel like this is a universal bandeau for boobs of all sizes. According to review comments on Target's website, this top even works for larger cup sizes -- one 34C woman claimed to play beach volleyball in it with no problems!

What I Wore: 6.30.12


Outfit #1
Dress: Zara
Heels: Shoemint "Kathryn"

Outfit #2
Dress: Badgley Mischka, rented from Rent the Runway
Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, rented from Rent the Runway
Flats: Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters

What I Wore: 6.29.12


My outfit for the rehearsal dinner -- this J.Crew dress is a wedding staple for me!

Dress: J.Crew 
Shoes: Madewell Smokeswirl Espadrilles
Ring: Etsy

What I Wore: 6.21.12


Shirt: Boyfriend's
Shorts: BDG from Urban Outfitters 
Sandals: Sam Edelman 
Necklace: Free People 

Colored Tips with Essie - Master Plan and Zoya - Bevin


I've posted about Essie's Master Plan and Zoya's Bevin in the past, but never together! I love the look of colored tips (both bright and dark) at the end of neutral nails. Exhibit A. My favorite way to top off a chipping polish -- or one you are just bored of looking at -- is to add a simple tip on the end... so quick and easy. Now, isn't that a great tip ;) get it.. get it..? God damn, I love puns. I don't tape off my nails; though it's probably best to. Instead, I just place the brush on one side of my nail, hold it steady, and roll my finger. It works pretty well and only takes a few minutes, but you always run the risk of applying too large (or too small) of a tip. Just the tip, guys... just the tip. Next, I want to try out a clear base with a neon color. Which tip combos are your tried and true favorites?

MAC - Vegas Volt


When I bought MAC Vegas Volt, I remember thinking I was buying the craziest, brightest color ever. This was obviously back in the days when my lipstick collection was teeeeeny weeeeeny. Oh, how naive I was. I won't comment on how big this "collection" of mine is now, because... well... it would just take too damn long to count it. Now that I've got gorgeous, out there shades like MAC Reel Sexy and Morange, I hardly consider Vegas Volt to be a wacky shade! Each time I wear it now, I am continuously surprised by the color never being as bright as I remember it to be. Sigh, I guess you never forget your first. ;)

Vegas Volt is an amplified finish, which is my favorite MAC formula BY FAR. It wears well on my lips without scrubbing or buffing and sans lip pencil. That's the beauty of the amplified finish -- long, easy wear with a crazily pigmented color. When I actually take the proper steps to ensure long lasting wear, it lasts for hours and hours. I like this shade a lot, though it is not one of my all-time favorites. It will always be a fun color to have in my arsenal, so I would definitely repurchase it if I made my way down to the dredges of the bullet. In my life, I have yet to ever finish a lipstick. I have so many and wear all different shades all the time -- I hardly make dents in even my most favorite shades! I think my most worn down shades are Hue, Girl About Town, and Lady Danger? Hue will probably be the first lipstick I finish since it's such an easy everyday color that I throw in my bag on the regular for touch ups. But, enough about Hue... I'll talk about that one on a later date.

What I Wore: 6.17.12


Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Car Mar from LF
Necklace: Minoux Tiny Bar