FACE: Dr. Jart+ BB Cream and Revlon Lipstick in Blasé Apricot (7.23.12)


This "get ready with me" video was filmed back in July, but I'd wear this look tomorrow in a heartbeat. I'm never one to listen to the "rules" of makeup coloring for seasons -- I'll wear bright apricot lips or deep reds in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Rules are meaningless, why NOT wear white after labor day or a dark lip in the summer?! F it!! Who made up these rules anyway?! I'm a conflict theorist... it was the man, man! Do what you want, when you want, and how you want when it comes to makeup and clothes. So long as you're comfortable, that's all that matters. Having thrown my two cents in there, are there any colors you just won't/can't/will never ever get back together with... i mean... uh.. wear in a certain season? Um... er... Taylor Swift who??

SHIT, Did I Just Get the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag?


Holy. Shit. BREATHE! I am trying not to get too excited right now, because Belle & Clive put me through a near panic attack with site glitches and unexplained empty carts when trying to buy this bag in their Alexander Wang flash sale this morning. I had it in my cart, and then it would disappear and say the sale was over -- cut to: refresh refresh refresh, "OMG, I got it!" -- then I was checking out, and then again... it disappeared and was supposedly "in another member's cart." Finally, fast refreshing fingers, quick address typing, and panicked clicking led me to a wonderful page that said "Order Complete" and a confirmation email in my inbox. Fifth time's a charm, no? I still don't believe it's official yet, they might come back to me and say, "Whoops! we sold 1 bag to 4 people!" In which case I'll whimper (a lot) and probably stomp around my room a few times like a tantrum-ing toddler.

You may recognize this bag from... oh, just 1,000,000 bloggers and celebrities who have it (and this post where I proclaimed I would give my first born for it). It's a pretty popular bag, and though I'm not one to succumb to soul crushing bag lust or celebrity/blogger hype often, this bag just does it for me. Despite it's incredibly heavy weight and oversaturation on street style pins, I l.o.v.e. it. Mind you, it's really expensive and I am now paying off the debt/loan to my super wonderful, awesome, kind, best mom in the world Momma who supplied her credit card for my huge indulgence under the condition that I pay her pack entirely within 3 months. Totally doable! I just handed her $50 in tips from my restaurant job just now... so I only have about.... $700 to go. Ooof. I probably would have never bought this bag in my life if it wasn't at some sort of discount -- I often found myself refreshing this guide to buying a Rocco on discount daily -- so thank the stars for flash sale sites! $695 before tax is a lot more palatable than $875... but still painful.

Exhibit A: Evidence it was in my cart, Belle & Clive!
I just had to screenshot this to prove it when I was going through it all. Totally panicked...

If you could find the Rocco for $695, would you bite the bullet?
What is your biggest bag lust of the moment? The PS1? 31 Hour Bag? Do tell.
How much is the most you're willing to spend on a bag?
I'm curious!

EDIT: Belle and Clive sent me the wrong color hardware and were not able to fulfill my order with the brass studded hardware (which is what they had listed on the site). Tragedy! I had to return the rose gold bag, but I managed to swing it from SSENSE for just a couple bucks more than the flash sale price, so.. I finally go it! If you want to see my comparison with a knock off version, check out my post here.

What I Wore: 8.25.12


Shorts: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Minoux "Tiny Bar"
Sandals: Sam Edelman

FACE: Laura Mericer Mineral Powder in Tender Rose and MAC Lipstick in Innocence Beware! (7.19.12)


What I Wore: 8.19.12


Here's what I wore on my (long past) 24th birthday... 
the weather was (finally) nice in Philly, so I couldn't resist my forever favorite combo of black jeans and my Topshop wedged trainers.

Sweater: Pippa Lynn Latty Sweater from LF (similar)
Jeggings: Car Mar from LF
Tank: H&M
Sneakers: Topshop Aerobic Wedge Heel Trainers
Nails: OPI's Brisbane Bronze

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural - N45


I received this mini tube (correct, your eyes haven't deceived you) of Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N45 as a 100-point perk from Sephora recently. While I typically like to save up my points for 500-point perks, who can resist a baby tube of lipstick?! Not I. 

Since I didn't couldn't tell what type of MUFE lipstick this was in their display, I would hoping it was a Rouge Artist Intense, which is the more bold and opaque style of lipsticks MUFE makes. I was a little disappointed upon application because that is when I saw that it was, in fact, a sheer formula, and not the creamy thick kind I was hoping for. Nevertheless, N45 gives up a nice pinky red glow on the lips and wore really well. It can be sheered out even further for a pink stain on the lips as well. Duh. I had it on for hours and only remembered I was wearing it when I caught my reflection -- it's that weightless. I'm not the biggest fan of sheer lipsticks, so I haven't tried many, but I would say this is one of my favorites that I have tried?

Have you tried this formula? Love it or hate it?

Recent LF, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Gap, etc... Purchases


With a recent trip home and a burgeoning shopping addiction (let's be real), I've racked up quite a lot of purchases in the last couple of months. Some of these items you may have seen featured on the blog in outfits or in their very own latest purchase post, but some are brand new -- hot off the rack of my nearest Zara. My mom is responsible for the purchase of most of these items, so let's take a moment of silence to thank MamaWears, who I convinced to buy a second piece (for moi) of any item I "personal shopped" for her! A bit of a finder's fee, if you will. I help her look cool, hip, and not at all in midlife and she helps this unemployed fashion obsessee stay outfitted in hideous floral pants (her words, not mine)! This is a great deal if you can get your Moms behind it girls, work your best pitch and go!! :)

and then I shopped a little more.... 

What I Wore: 8.18.12


The night before your birthday calls for cheetah (or is this leopard?!?!)

Dress: Dee & Ray Pleated Chiffon Maxi from Urban Outfitters -- (bought it on sale -- it's only 39.99!)  
Necklace: Crystal Point Necklace from Babbette on Etsy
Sandals: Sam Edelman Grecco

HAIR:: How I Use My Hot Tools Conical Wand


I know I've linked to this video in a previous post how I achieved this makeup look, but it deserves a post of its own! When I first bought my conical wand I was AWFUL at using it. I couldn't get the hair to stay on the wand or figure out how to hold it at a downward angle properly, I didn't remember to always curl away from my face, and I was afraid that brushing out my curls would make them look frizzy. Essentially, each time I used it... I looked dumb. Straight dumb.

Now that I have "mastered" my usual look with the wand, I decided to show you how I do it. I can't recommend conical wands enough, they are so easy (once you get past the learning curve) and quick to use. You can easy manipulate the hair (depending on how tight you wrap it around the wand) for loose waves or defined curls. Plus, the curls are shiny as f*#@ and last for DAYS.

If you have one but haven't fully figured it out yet or are just curious, click play!

Products Mentioned:

What I Wore: 8.14.12


how I feel when I wear bat wing tops...

Sweater: Can't remember, somewhere in Hayes Valley
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Zara
Bag: Zara
Sandals: Sam Edelman

FACE: Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua in BR12 and NARS Lipstick in Cruising (7.13.12)


Knock it Off: Shoots and Ladder Sleeve Sweater vs. Pippa Lynn LF Latty Sweater


I get daily emails from Tobi that shows all their new stock (they offer large percentage discounts when it's freshly stocked and many things sell out quick), but I'm not typically compelled to share em. However, I saw this Shoots and Ladder Sleeve Sweater yesterday and immediately thought I should share the possible deal for anyone out there who has had their eye on the much more expensive Pippa Lynn sweater I've posted about recently. It's been tweeted and FB shared, but maybe it should be blogged too!

From what I can tell, this looks like pretty good quality and VERY similar to my black Latty sweater. More importantly, the price is a fraction of the cost of the Latty. If you register to Tobi's site using your FB, you get 50% off your first order (be sure to put that the shared items are viewable by "Only Me" so you don't clog up you friends' FB newsfeeds with your browsing -- handy tip for any site you join with FB). Given that the retail price for the sweater is $58 and the current sale price is $40, the 50% off coupon will get you 50% off of the original price of $58. So, $29 is the price. The difference between $29 and the current sale price is $11, so you get an $11 discount. When you add in shipping costs, you can get this sweater for just about $35. That's about half the cost of the Latty in the LF Sale. Deal!

Dolce Vita Jax Booties


[ dolce vita jax boot - $138 or $103 or $93.84... or less! ]

I've had my eye on Dolce Vita's Jax boot for months. I was discouraged from buying them due to their high price tag ($198 full price), but I recently finagled them for as little as $53 (explanation for the "for little as" terminology down below) and thought I'd share the process with you. Get ready for a long (read: boring) story. Click here to skip to the cliff notes, if you're not interested. However, if you like the show Extreme Couponers, then you're in for a ride! Here is a little insight into a typical online shopping process for me:

So... I googled and googled around trying to find the "Stone Nubuck" color (shown below on the right) in a size 7, but they were sold out all over. Woe is me. But alas, I finally found them, in tons of sizes, on Bluefly at a discounted price ($138 -- retail prince was $198 a pair). When I saw the "Camel" was also available in my size, I opted to order both and try them on at home with different outfits to help me decide. I would have been paying about $276 for two pairs of shoes (with their free shipping for orders $75+). However, I then remembered that I've tried on Dolce Vita shoes in a 7 before and found them too small, despite 7 being my size pretty much everywhere else. To ensure that I got the right size, I decided to put a big temporary dent on the ole credit card so that I could do an at-home try on.

Given this new development, the total now runs $552. Holy crap! But have no fear, I do this method of shopping a lot with a credit card that I pretty much never use and I don't worry about it because I end up getting all the money refunded back after I return the wrong sizes/colors. See Mom, that's totally responsible! If you're not from America, this type of behavior is just how we got in that whole financial, economic credit crisis we're in. Exhibit A. Right here. American materialist. But I'm a smart one! I swear! I get all the money refunded and then immediately pay off the credit card amount for the item(s) I kept (easy to do with 1 click because I have everything linked up online with my bank). I just prefer this to creating a giant hold on my actual debit account, with money that I may need for rent, sustenance (alcohol), and groceries. Some people have emergency credit cards for car troubles or vet bills, I have an emergency try on shoes at home card.

This particular day Bluefly happened to have a bonus running where if you spend $150+, you got $30 off your order. That brought my total down to $522 ($130 per pair, spread evenly). Still painful. I wasn't sure how the discount would translate considering when it appeared in my checkout it was not applied evenly to the items, it was just a -30.00 listed after 0.00 for shipping. If I returned pairs, would it apply the discount to those or to the kept pairs or would it be evenly dispersed?! It makes a difference! It could be anywhere from $138 a pair to $108 for one kept pair depending on how it applied the refund. I googled around for more coupon codes and I found one called FIFTY250 (not sure if this still works) that got you $50 off any order over $250. That would have been better than this $30 deal and brought my order down to $502 ($125 a pair, spread evenly). I tried entering in the code to see if I could get a double deal, but they wouldn't let me. I couldnt even use this code INSTEAD of the $30 off, so I had to wait until the next day when the promotion was over. I am not a patient person so this was essentially torture. I looked at midnight and the promo was still applied. I looked at 3am (I'm a night owl) because I figured the promo ended with CA time... no luck. I went to bed counting Jax boots and awoke to find my shopping cart discount free! Never thought I 'd be happy to see that...

Never one to call it a day on a coupon hunt until I've exhausted all my resources, I searched a little more. These are obviously the research skills that cost 40K for UPenn to teach me last year.... SAS... SPSS... huh?? The last leg of the extreme couponing journey brought me back to Bluefly's own website. As I have mentioned in my Guide to Online Shopping, many stores offer great % discounts when you sign up on their email list. Bluefly just so happened to have 25% off offered to new subscribers! Click here to be taken to the sign up page. So, if you take out that dusty TI-83, and run a few graphs and some slopes and play one of those games your smarter friend put on there for you, you can easily see this is the best deal. This brings the total to $414 and about $103 a pair. The one annoying thing I must note is that Bluefly makes you click through a link in their email to get the 25% discount so Ebates is a no go. Using an Ebates referral gets you back to full price.

THEN. The story doesn't end yet, you guys. It never ends. I will always play cat and mouse with stores to get the best deal. I saw an email in my inbox recently saying they were having a mystery sale and that TAKE40 would get you $40 your order. Curious, after having just days before done the whole shabang I wrote about above, I decided to have a peak and see what the new ~mystery~ price would be. Alas, cheaper!!! Boom. Planned to send back the ones I had ordered previously upon their delivery. Fresh start. It's go time. Now, the shoes were offered for $93.84 a pair and with the $40 coupon code discount the total came out to be $335.36 for 4 pairs (different sizes to try on and return, like I said). Now depending how the discount applies to the returned items since it was one of those discounts they deducted from the total and did not evenly apply to each shoe, I have finagled myself some Jax booties for either $93.84 (if the discount is deducted from the returned shoes only -- not likely!), $83.84 (if discount applied evenly), 73.84 (if the discount stays with the items I kept AND I kept both colors in the size that fit), OR $53.84 (if the $40 discount stays with the items I kept AND I kept only 1 color in the size that fit). I opted to keep the 7 1/2 (I was right about smaller sizing, since I'm typically a 7) in each color. Final amount spent? About $150 total, for a pair in each color. They separated out the discount, so it did not apply just to the shoes I kept when I returned the other size. The End!

Cliff Notes Version: Sign up for Bluefly's email list, keep eye out for sales, buy shoes for as little as $75.

They were on MYHABIT (and other flash sale sites too, actually) in mid-August (and I've seen them in October now too) and my mom, who had bought them in THREE! colors already frantically yelled at the screen, "Buy them in dark brown! Buy them in dark brown!" She really got into the flash sale mindset. In that same order, she bought the black version for me for about 79 bucks (thanks mom!). Now, that was a much easier, less intricate and obsessive purchasing experience... but I must admit I love the chase of finding a deal. The end result: I have three colors and she has four. Excessive? Probably -- but they are incredibly comfortable and versatile.

Honestly, I can't recommend these enough!! Click here to see all my outfit posts with them.

Pippa Lynn Sweater AKA Latty Sweater from LF


I already own this sweater in black, but I couldn't resist getting it in another color when I saw it in the LF sale (especially when my mom offered to buy it as a bday present). I had scooped up the black one in the 1st round of the bi-? semi-? annual sale back in March (as seen in this old haul video), but this time around they also had it in a nice green color as well (and a creamish mustard beige I wasn't feelin'). While I would have loved to get both the green and maroon, having the same sweater in three colors seemed excessive. But that doesn't mean I don't pull that shit on the regular -- I'm a lover of owning a staple in multiple colors. This sweater felt too distinctive to do that though, so I left it at just owning the maroon and the black. First world problems. 

Click here to see an outfit with me wearing the black latty sweater.
It's a comfortable sweater; perfect for the upcoming season -- heavy enough to give a little warmth but airy enough on the arms so you don't feel too toasty. I think the retail price is pretty insane ($150ish? -- I forget), so if you have any desire to own this or anything else from LF, I HIGHLY recommend you wait it out until they have their sales (I think we paid ~$70?). I shop the Mill Valley or San Francisco locations when back home, since there is no LF location in or near Philly. They don't have an e-commerce website either, so you're kinda screwed if you live far away -- no way to see the stock or order it. However, the manager at the Mill Valley store told me that if there was ever anything I wanted (not during sale time, if I remember correctly though), I could just call and they would send it to me in PA (shipping costing extra). The More You Know (insert shooting star graphic).