Apartment Spotlight: My Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


One of the most amazing things about our new place is the GIGANTIC medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I am so happy that I am able to fit all my haircare, skincare, nail polish, and some makeup products in it. I'm attempting to learn more about all sorts of beauty products right now so I'm testing a lot of different ones out, hence having five different types of foundation primer (NARS, Too Faced, Smashbox, Benefit, and Makeup Forever). See any products in there you are curious about? Anything you use too? Ryan has so kindly (aka he had no option) given all the space to me except for ONE product he has in it... can you spot it?


  1. P.S. Your medicine cabinet is AH-MAZE-ING! OMG huge!

  2. Hahah nope! No Vaseline in there, if you're looking at the jar with the blue lid, it's Cetaphil lotion that the label fell off of :) He has a Redkin hair paste/gel/who knows that he bought after I sent him to the hair salon with a picture of Jimmy Fallon and told him to come back with that hair cut hahah!

  3. oh my gosh. this is everything i've wanted in a medicine cabinet. do you find the makeup gets damaged at all from the humidity?

    1. I generally shower with the door open and a fan on to try and reduce humidity and my actual eye shadow etc type makeup is in a drawer so I think they end up being well protected. I've always kept makeup in my bathroom for years and years (I have nowhere else to put it, I wish I had a table or something) and I haven't noticed any problems. I have heard that it is bad to do it, but so far... I can't tell if anything has happened!