What I Wore: 9.21.11


I didn't take real pictures last Wednesday, but check out my pants... inspired by green beans?!

Tanks: Urban Outfitters and Target
Scarf: Vero Moda (Ireland)
Jeans: Urban Outfitters (the ones I've been bloggin' about!)
Boots: Doc Martens 

My go-to Fall look -- get used to me wearing this all the time!

What I Wore: 9.23.11


Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Tank: Dunnes (Ireland)
Pants: J Brand (they appear less brown and more dark green in person)
Boots: Doc Martens
Bracelets: Madewell (right arm) and Urban Outfitters (left arm)
Watch: Michael Kors

Shop Spotlight: Urban Outfitters Around the World Boutique


Although I cannot afford essentially ANY of the pieces, I've been browsing through the "Around the World" boutique on Urban Outfitters' website and falling in love with so many interesting designs. The boutique got the name "Around the World" because the pieces are all from international labels like Whyred (Sweden), Sessun (France), Wood Wood (Denmark), Shakuhachi (Australia), House of Dagmar (Sweden), and the list goes on... There is just something about the effortlessness of European fashion that has always attracted me to both Europe and the stylish Europeans I see whenever I visit (and the accents don't hurt...). Maybe it's just because it's different from what I'm used to in the United States and the grass is always greener on the other side, but I love Europe and really wish I could live there permanently. I don't think I could walk around Philly in some harem pants without some weird looks and a cheesesteak thrown at me... :)

WANT: One Teaspoon Velvet Smoking Jacket


How amazing is this velvet smoking jacket by One Teaspoon? Regardless of the fact that I could never rationally wear this in real life, I love the idea of this jacket. Plus, seeing it paired with leopard print pants... Oooo child.... you're hurting my inner party monster. R.I.P. Angel. But in all seriousness, I've becoming increasingly fond of velvet lately and NEED it in my life. I'm all about reviving my 90s childhood -- minus the denim bucket hat with a gigantic fake sunflower on it. Sorry Blossom!

WANT: BDG Ankle Cigarette Mid-Rise Jeans


Since I can't afford the J Brand or Rag & Bone colored jeans I want, I opted for the cheaper version (at $58): BDG Ankle Cigarette Mid-Rise Jeans. I picked this specific style because they fit me really well -- I had bought a pair of hot pink jeans at Zara but they don't fit as perfectly as these. These BDG jeans have just the right amount of stretchy and aren't long enough that I need to fold the bottoms or hem them (Since I'm 5'4, I have to buy the "ankle" jeans and they are still just a little bit too long and scrunchy at the bottom on my legs!). I bought myself the red ones (seen in an outfit post here), Ryan gave me the green ones for my birthday, and I still want the tan and blue ones!

Which color would you pick?

Featured: Birchbox Blog


Birchbox's blog featured one of my videos with some super kind words. I didn't know about it until someone told me! I've hit the big time! I'm a real star! I can see my name in lights! Yeah right, time to get back to my gigantic readings for my less glamorous life as a grad student.

To sign up for your very own Birchbox, click here!

China Glaze - Thataway


China Glaze's Thataway was a polish I bought online and was a little disappointed when I got it in person -- it wasn't what I had expected based on the image online. Not the product's fault! But meh. That's how I feel about this. Can't say that I'm a fan of a shimmery coral. I think it makes my skin look reddish and well... awful. BUT! I think this could look GREAT on darker skin tones!

What I Wore: 9.10.11


Top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Sam Edelman

What I Wore: 9.6.11


I should not have even bothered getting dressed or doing anything to my hair a few days ago, it all got ruined in the rain as I trudged around Philly to meet with professors. Blah! At least the weather was great recently, perfect for a sunny shopping day on Walnut yesterday with new friends from the grad program.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Top: Target
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Target
Boots: Aldo

Essie - Knockout Pout


With summer coming to an end soon, I wanted to get the last use out of colors that I may not use once the seasons change. I grabbed one of the loudest pinks I saw, Essie's Knockout Pout, which is described as a "supercharged hot pink." It took me a few days but I ultimately fell in love with this girly, Barbie doll pink. The polish itself is not very opaque so it took 3, almost 4 coats, to get good coverage. Nevertheless, I really liked the color and I enjoyed having a pop of bright pink juxtaposed against my more natural colored clothing, like in my latest Outfit Watch post.

DIY + FYI: Depotting MAC Eye Shadows + Back to MAC


I got inspired to depot my large collection of singular MAC eye shadows and put them into a palette when I heard about the Back to MAC program. I'll do anything for free stuff. After all, I'm an aspiring extreme couponer, remember?! Basically, if you return 6 glass or plastic containers empty of their original MAC products, you can receive either a free lipglass, lipstick, or eye shadow (if returned to a MAC pro store, you have all three to choose from... but if returned to a make up counter within a dept. store, you have less options).

Once I depotted all of my shadows on Sunday, I went to the local MAC store and traded in 12 empty eyeshadow containers, purchased a palette, and got 2 eye shadows ("Phloof!" and "Naked Lunch") for free! Then on Monday, I went back with 6 more empty containers, got "Smut" for free, and bought another palette to house the overflowing collection. Check out my pictures below to see what I did and how you could depot your MAC shadows too:

Getting started on Day 1 of Mission: Free Eyeshadow

Tools You Need:
- palette
- magnetic tape
- scissors
- something sharp, like a knife
- a flame
- tweezers
- magnetic tape

First Thing:
Pry the plastic that encases the eyeshadow out of the container with your knife.
Be careful! Just stick it in the crevasse and wiggle it, it will pop out easily.

Step Two:
You need to use the tweezers to hold the plastic over the flame.
The plastic has to melt a little and bubble enough that you can press your knife through it.
(to pop the eyeshadow pan out of the plastic casing)

 Just a little bit longer.......

 Step Four:
Using the knife, or your scissors, press the melty plastic until you pop the eyeshadow pan out.

Leave the pan upside down, because you will want to place the label on the back.

 Step Five:
Hold the original plastic container over the flame at an angle to loosen the glue on the label.
Once you see a little bubbling of air under the label, use the tweezers to get in the crack and peel it off.

 Step Six:
Using your tweezers, peel the label off of the plastic and place it on the pan

 Because this shadow was a free Back to MAC shadow, the lady wrote on the label. Booo!

Step Seven:
Cut a little bit of the magnetic tape to place on the bottom of the pan.
Don't cover up the name though!

 Hmm... where to put it in the palette.....

 I separated the shadows into "colorful" and "neutral" palettes.

Top Row (from left to right): Mystical Mist, Freshwater, Green Smoke
Middle Row: Parfait Amour, Steamy, Swimming
Bottom Row: Cremé de Violet, Aquadasiac

Top Row: Black Tied, Smut, Honey Lust, Vapour
Middle Row: Knight Divine, Cork, Naked Lunch
Bottom Row: Idol Eyes, Tempting, Phloof!
Have you ever done this? Do you think you ever will?

What I Wore: 9.5.11


Since yesterday was one of my last days of freedom until classes officially start, I made the most of it by redeeming all these coupons/loyalty points/etc... that I have at various stores. At least, that is "making the most of a day" for me... don't judge. I got some free MAC eyeshadow (in "Smut") at their pro store through Back to MAC (post coming on that tomorrow), free moss green eyeliner and cotton squares at ULTA, and some other free goodies at Sephora. I hope I have accomplished my summer goal of being an extreme couponer -- inspired by the TLC show, of course! I mean, I got these J Brand pants I'm wearing in my monochromatic look below for $40 at Last Call by Neiman Marcus during their Labor Day sale. Holla!

Top: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: J Brand Leggings 
Boots: Doc Marten's
Necklace: Gift from Grandpa
Ring: Artist at the Hester Street Fair, NYC
Bracelets: Tibetan store in on Bedford Ave, Brooklyn / Madewell / Urban Outfitters

DIY: Gorgeous Curls... While Sleeping


Everyone and their mother has been swearing by this video's method for curling hair, so I thought I'd share it with you guys since I finally tested it out and loved it! I didn't have to put any product in my hair prior to wrapping it up, just dry hair and a headband, and I had great results! Check out this easy, quick way to ensure you wake up with fun, bouncy curls (and listen to her awesome accent which makes me wish I was in Europe!):

Let me know if it works for you!

Coupon Code: 30% Off Madewell Boots, Jeans, + Jackets


When I saw the email announcing the 30% off sale on boots, jeans, and jackets that Madewell is having through Monday, my insides cried a little. All these items below, which have been on my wishlist for so long because they were WAY too much.... and now... they are just slightly too much. I could swing that right? NO! I swore to myself that I would curb my spending so that I could have more money for going out with all the new friends I've made at grad school (AKA it's all going to booze and food). Must. Not. Spend. But, if you have money to spend, check out my favorites which I've blogged in the past (and use code the code "GOFALL" to get free shipping on order over $100):

[ top row: biker boot $248 now $173 / workwear biker boot $248 now $173 ]
 [ bottom row: archive leather boot $298 now $208 / dustbowl boot $142 now $99 ]

[ widelegger $125 now $79.50 / high waist widelegger $125 now $87.50 / chimney $110 now $77]

Julep - Anne


I discovered Julep about a month ago and used the code "GIRLFRIEND" to get $15 off my purchase (hopefully that code still works, it has been a while!). The polishes are a little pricey for being a small size, but they are a "3 Free" professional quality formula and Julep donates $1 of every polish purchase to organizations that support women through their Powered by Girlfriends program, so I feel slightly better about my lack of a bank account. I picked up a couple colors and I am in LOVE with every single one. Anne is a bright, amazing purple that makes me happy every time I look down at my nails. The polish itself is very thick and some nails almost did not need a second coat. I love love love. Definitely a favorite!