Coupon Code: 30% Off Madewell Boots, Jeans, + Jackets

When I saw the email announcing the 30% off sale on boots, jeans, and jackets that Madewell is having through Monday, my insides cried a little. All these items below, which have been on my wishlist for so long because they were WAY too much.... and now... they are just slightly too much. I could swing that right? NO! I swore to myself that I would curb my spending so that I could have more money for going out with all the new friends I've made at grad school (AKA it's all going to booze and food). Must. Not. Spend. But, if you have money to spend, check out my favorites which I've blogged in the past (and use code the code "GOFALL" to get free shipping on order over $100):

[ top row: biker boot $248 now $173 / workwear biker boot $248 now $173 ]
 [ bottom row: archive leather boot $298 now $208 / dustbowl boot $142 now $99 ]

[ widelegger $125 now $79.50 / high waist widelegger $125 now $87.50 / chimney $110 now $77]