Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012

I was so excited to watch the Golden Globes red carpet yesterday and though it was quite underwhelming at times, there were still some really beautiful gowns being waddled around in. I love that E! makes the women climb up and down a staircase to reach Seacrest for an interview. All of the poor women in mermaid/fishtail gowns have the hardest time getting up and down, quite comical. Now I try not to be negative but... let's just say for worst dressed: Zooey Deschanel and her manly sideburns -- I know it was a 60's style look, but I think there is a reason that "vintage" look will never come back. Now that I have that off my chest, time for the favorites!

 [ mila kunis in dior / emma stone in lanvin / rooney mara in nina ricci ]

Some of my ultimate favorite colors on the carpet were deep, dark tones of burgundy (I'm looking at you, Viola Davis) and straight up, no fuss black. Mila Kunis looked gorgeous in a Dior gown, but alas, when doesn't she look amazing? Remember that lilac Elie Saab gown last year at the Oscars? Emma Stone in Lanvin was probably my favorite look of the night (the picture doesn't do it justice -- it was far more beautiful on screen and in motion) and Rooney Mara is a close second with her black Nina Ricci gown.

 [ kristen wiig in bill blass / shailene woodley in marchesa / jessica biel in elie saab / charlize theron in dior ]

A far departure from the color tone of the previous gowns, light neutrals and nudes were also another  trend on the carpet this award show. I love all things Kristen Wiig so this Bill Blass number was a hit with me, perfectly elegant and simple at the same time. Shailene Woodley's Marchesa gown was incredibly detailed and beautiful, once again... the pictures of it online do not do it justice. Even though Jessica Biel looks like she is dressing for her impending nuptuals (and may or may not have a third boob in the middle of her chest), I really liked this lacey number by Elie Saab. Lastly, Charlize Theron will always look gorgeous in my mind. I think she is just one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and while this Dior gown would normally be a miss for me... on her, it is just stunning!
[ kelly osbourne in zac posen / reese witherspoon in zac posen / sofia vergara in vera wang ] 
Lastly, I have got to show actual color some love. Kelly Osbourne looked paradoxically modern and vintage simultaneously in Zac Posen, which I loved, and Reese Witherspoon looked feminine and sexy in Zac Posen as well. Lastly, Sofia Vergara looked beautiful in this navy Vera Wang gown, though I wish she had some Veronica Lake-esque waves in her hair instead of a boring straight do.

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