Save While Spending: Ebates

I don't know how many of you are using the amazing invention that is Ebates yet, but if not: GET ON IT RIGHT NOW. I am kicking myself for not having signed up years ago because seeing all the percentages of cash back that they offer is seriously killing my soul -- think of all the money I could have been saving! Ugh.

There are over 1,500 retailers and if you get referred to one of these retailers through Ebates' website, they share the commission with you instead of keeping it all to their greedy selves. The savings you earn will be either mailed to you in a check, deposited into your paypal account (how did we ever live without paypal, by the way?), or they can be donated to a charity or given to a family member. Yeah Mom, that last bit was emphasized for you to see. You know my paypal email... let's make this happen...

There are tons of different types of retailers, so this isn't just for the beauty junkie or clothes horse in us all. But come on, right now Sephora is offering 8% cash back and that Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation (I think I would be "Tender Rose" or "Soft Porcelain") is CALLING my name thanks to Estée's flawless foundation routine video!