OPI - Chapel of Love

I'll just say what you're thinking: What the hell am I doing wearing this bright pink color in the dead of fall? Well... I, being the lazy sort, didn't want to get my ass off the couch during a particularly heated Hurricane Sandy Homeland marathon (Carrie. drives. me. nuts.) and asked Ryan, who was on his way upstairs, to bring down any random polish from my drawer so I could paint my nails. He came back down a few minutes later looking especially proud and explained he had just found me a really good "fall/halloween color." He handed OPI's Chapel of Love over and I spent a good 5 seconds staring blankly, thinking this kid has to be fucking with me because this is the least fall/halloween-ish color I've ever seen. Our whole relationship flashed before my eyes and I decided he's either 1). totally stupid or 2). night blind because turns out he thought it was orange (in the dark, mind you). Whatever! I put it on and continued to watch Carrie's cringeworthy Brody stalking. SAULLL!!!

Now this color just really isn't for me. Throughout my "beauty journey" I've become more discerning -- I used to say, "F*$% it! I'll wear any color on my nails," and now, I say, "F%$& pink! I just don't love it." Sigh, I guess that's what people must mean when they talk about finding yourself... ;) Facts of the matter are that it simply doesn't look good with my skin color (my hands get quite red when cold or hot) and it tends to clash any and all of my outfits. I often find myself cringing when I look down at my nails when wearing this. It wore alright and everything was fine with it as a polish; but I think I'm just over pink nail polish (though I still have some love for bright/neon fuchsias I think?). Funny enough, I was actually highly complimented by one of the girls I was at the bar with over this color, so the next time I see her she will be happy to see a little present in my hands for her. Tis the season.