Getting Fit: Womens Nike Free Run 4.0

Hey, these are shoes... they count.. I "wear" them! It's time for me to get back into being a healthy, fit member of society. I used to play sports and run... and even spend time outdoors (what a novel idea).. but I've become quite lazy in the past few years. I try to avoid outdoors on the East Coast thanks to either really hot weather or really cold weather.... and I hate gyms... and I didn't own running shows... annnnd these are all excuses so I will shut up.

While my diet and lack of working out has not really negatively affected my body size/shape/etc... it's important to be fit just for my own general health. It really would be so much easier to get my ass on the pavement if vanity or an inability to fit into my expensive jeans were my motivations, but alas just the abstract idea of "health." What can I measure to see results?! Nothing! Borringg.

I PROMISE to never run a marathon (like everyone else and their mothers endlessly brag about doing on Facebook. My FB newsfeed is awful... what is it was marathons and mid- to late- 20 somethings and early-30 something people?!? Why sync it to FB?! I. do. not. care. that. you. run. around. in. circles.). And this probably marks the end of me ever talking about running and fitness because I find it very boring -- but my new shoes are cute, huh?!

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