NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Belle De Jour

After a recent obsession with NARS' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella (amazing, go get it!), I needed to get more from the range. "Needed to" meant in the compulsive shopaholic sense, not in the actual basic human needs sense, naturally. I started my hoarding with Dragon Girl, a long ago recommending shade from my cousin (thanks Tracey!), and rounded it off with Red Square. Both are vibrant and beautiful reds and I recommend them all the way. Next up, after a late night Sephora browsing sesh, I caved and bought Belle De Jour and Roman Holiday. Roman Holiday.. I'm on the fence about and might return, but Belle De Jour (pictured below with no liner underneath the lipstick) is a current obsession.

It's an incredibly easy to apply, gorgeous nude that looks great with virtually any eye look or outfit. So much so, that it's been my go-to lip look this whole holiday season. I skipped over the bold and the beautiful Lady Danger and Eurydice for this and haven't looked back (this means nothing though -- talk to me in a week and I'll probably be on a hot pink kick again.). I find it fades out somewhat nicely and gives a good few hours of wear before that. My only qualm with Belle De Jour is that, much like Bolero (and any light shade for that matter), it shows lip dryness and can settle a little into the lines of your lips. In you were to moisturize your lips well and find a good liner for underneath, I think this would look flawless. I'm still in the market for one -- and got a little swatch-crazy sidetracked during gift shopping at Sephora, to no avail -- so please let me know if you have found the perfect liner match.

Final Verdict: All in all, a gorgeous and multipurpose shade from an amazing, high quality range. Get a lip liner and exfoliate/moisturize your lips for optimum results -- like any matte shade, really. I put my stamp on it!

What are your favorite shades from NARS' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Range?