Snip, Snip: New Hair


Believe it or not, I had been DYING for short hair. I was sick of the 4-6 hour air dry time. I was sick of the weight of it. And I was sick of being the girl with hair that could easily be used to impersonate Alanis Morissette's "Thank You" music video.

In all sincerity, my long hair felt like a crutch. I was too comfortable doing the same ole same ole to it day in and day out and was really starving for change. Never one to make life easy, I decided to force myself to get a little more creative and inspired in the hair department.

I wanted something I could style a bit more edgy for, what I like to think is, my increasily "edgy" wardrobe as I'm very much on a modern, mostly black, and Helmut Lang-esque kick. Just a few days in and I'm already loving the myraid of ways to style it -- cutesy, grungy, textured, polished... the options feel endless. Welllll, minus a bangs down look because I got bored and hacked at em a little last week... my mistake. Leave "bangs" to the professionals. Always. 

Exhibit A: The victim, pre-chop.

Exhibit B: The Crime Scene.
(I got it cut by Katie at Mirror & Mantel -- my go-to hair stylist/salon in Philly)

Exhibit C: THE CHOP!

It's been a good 5 years since I've had short hair and contrary to what everyone in my life anticipated, I'm really happy about the length and being able to let it grow out again, enjoying each length along the way.

If you're thinking about taking the plunge, do it! Now! Chop chop! (and that, my friend, is what we call "hair humor")


  1. I had really long hair and had it chopped to just slightly longer than where my jaw line is. It has now reached my chest and i cant WAIT until it long again! Your hair looks lovely its probably done it some good to start from fresh xx

  2. I definitely get what you mean about craving something a bit edgier to switch up the routine a bit. I've been growing it out from a pixie cut for the last 3 years, and it is officially long(ish) again, and now I just wanna chop it again. Indecisive or what?! Looks great on you!!

  3. This looks great on you! Your posts always make me laugh. I almost died over the Alanis Morissette thing!

  4. I really like it, I couldn't imagine you with short hair when I started reading the post but it looks great! xxx

  5. I love it! it looks so fresh! I'm sure you will style it so nicely! xx

  6. Oh wow it looks great! The length really suits you! I had really short hair growing up and I've been growing it pretty much since I was 12 and I'm really attached to it, I go through phases where I want to chop it all off but I'm never brave enough to do that. Can't wait to see how you're going to style it!
    Nina from little nomad

  7. It looks absolutely gorgeous! This is definitely the length I'd get my hair cut if I was brave enough, but I'm quite happy with it long for now, so it might be a while before something like this happens!
    Eleanor x

  8. I love it! (That was the first thing I screamed when I saw it. Hahaha) I think the shorter length suits you more. It looks so much healthier! I've been wanting to get a similar cut too in Philly, but couldn't find the right salon... Looks like I'm going there! :)

  9. Looks gorgeous! I didn't think I'd like it so short but it really suits ya!

    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  10. I already told you you look like a total babe when you posted this do on twitter, but now this is here I'm back for another round of creeping.

    Exhibit B is TERRIFYING, you are so brave.

  11. Love the new look!
    I love my hair short, but I also love curls and I can't do them with short hair, so at the minute I'm letting my hair grow. It's nowhere near as long as yours was, but I actually hate the length of mine. It's too long to look nice (to me), yet too short to do anything with.

    R x

  12. Love love love your new look, it really suits you face and makes your eyes stand out even more

  13. looking great! loving the ghostparties-esque midpart/clip.

    alanis... seriously, you kill me.

  14. it so look so freaking amazing! i die.

  15. Sexy and sleek in your new do. Yes, long hair can be quite a clutch. Glad you chopped it off.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  16. Looks amazing, I've been toying with the idea of cutting mine for a while now! Who knows if i'm as brave as you! xxx

  17. Short hair really suits you! :)