Let's Get Intimate: Oh, Hey Gurl

For bras when you're not really ready to look like you're trying to buy cute bras because you JUST met that guy off tindr and don't want him to think you care that much and it's not like you're planning when to introduce him to your parents or anything ...or you just like cute bras!

Simple, but interesting shapes. A little more skin. Up the strap count, etc...

Nude's bras were already spotlighted during Part 1 of this series, but The Cut-Out Bra (45 euro) was a little too interesting to call a simple lil' basic:

Like the above bra but want color and lillll more interest? Want to have what looks like 2 bras put together?! Look no further than Relique's Andromeda Bra ($59):

Oh what, this old thing? I've had it for years..  nothing special I picked up just for you. Want/need Nasty Gal's Lilah Bralette ($25):

UNIF's Salem Velvet Bra ($58)  is a thing of 90's The Craft dreams:


Lastly, we get a extra extra strappy. Layer this under a loosey goosey tank and let the bra slips happen, because this Strappy Front-Ring Bra ($39) deserves its time in the spotlight:

Tomorrow we go full MEOW MEOW MAMASITA.