Jonathan Green Rootine Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a total savior, or it can leave a dusty, unattractive white cast in your hair that can best be described as the hair of a low budget community theater's elderly character portrayed by someone in their 20s. Lord help us all. Not to mention, which I can regretfully tell you from experience, white powder dry shampoos (like my beloved blow "faux dry") totally give off flashback during flash photography. So excuse me while I run and untag a few pictures on Facebook. Ugh.

And now I bet you're sitting there thinking, "Well, then why don't you use a spray dry shampoo?" To be blunt, I think they suck. I have yet to find one that really works at absorbing oils and find powders to be FAR more effective and long-lasting. Which brings us to the product at hand, Jonathan's Green Rootine, a brush-on colored dry shampoo I have been using for years.

It's easy. Good -- I'm lazy! It's colored. Yes -- no gray hair! It's effective. Yes -- no greasy hair! It's long lasting. Yes -- still no greasy hair!

The only downsides with this product are that the brown color is quite warm (which may not work for all brunettes), it's not readily available in many locations (I always buy online from random places now, but it used to be in ULTA), and the texture it leaves in your hair (slightly gritty). I quite like the warmth it adds to my hair, so I'm fine in that regard. In response to the texture issue -- yeah, it makes your hair a little gritty, but you're more fickle than the Princess and the Pea if you want a weightless, color-free dry shampoo that eats up all grease and leaves hair shiny and silky on the 3rd or 4th day after showering. I don't think those exist. If you found one. Tell me, tell everyone, tell the world.. lord knows we are all looking.

I find this incredibly easy to use and typically brush it through the stupid baby hairs that surround my face at my hairline and tend to get greasy within 0.5 seconds of showering. What? I'm not bitter! I brush a little down my part (watch out and don't make your part turn orange where your skin is!), a little around the crown, and day 3 hair feels like day 1.5.

If you've experienced some of the same problems as I have with dry shampoo, why not test and see if any of the Green Rootine color options work for you? All natural ingredients, too! Can't argue with that!