Bumble and bumble. Classic + Spray de Mode

Hair spray isn't a beauty item that I've tried every brand of and really know my stuff about. What's my hair spray authority resumé? Well, I used to spray my ponytails into shiny, hard helmets on my head every day in middle school, so there's that. For those of you who are actually knowledgeable about hair, feel free to take all of this with a grain of sea salt spray. See what I did there? Hair humor.

[ bumble and bumble. classic + spray de mode ]

I've been using both the Bumble and bumble. Classic and the Spray de Mode for years. I am a huge fan of the Spray de Mode -- it's got memory, give, can be brushed out, and NEVER leaves you with flaky spray bits. I find it's perfect for hair styles worn down and I love the effect in next day hair (ends up being a great texturizing spray!). On the other hand, the Classic is my go to high-hold spray, for all the times I wear my hair pulled back hard and tight. Once again, no flaky bits here and both smell good as far as hair sprays go (a little alcohol-y, but nice).

I'm curious to hear what sprays you love/swear by -- and how they rate next to these? Let me know!