Apartment Spotlight: My San Francisco, CA Apartment

I loved my room in San Francisco! I had painted it a fun, bright color and had tons of natural light. One window was right next to my bed and since I lived off Lake Merced Blvd., the fog would roll in every morning and I'd wake up with a refreshing chill on my face (and sometimes damp hair). There was always some noise going on in one of the hundreds of college apartments in the building and it was really fun to spy on the neighbors. :)

My bookcase, flowers Ryan had sent for Valentine's 2009, Mucha prints I got in Prague, and headbands Mom and I made.

The aforementioned window, which brought the fog to my face

My vanity desk filled with knick knacks and the mirror I was so sad I couldn't take with me to PA.
My Paper Source collection, rapidly growing now that there is a location ten minutes from my apartment!
The doors were magnetic and became a scrapbook of my time there.

My mom got two of these hideously beautiful chairs at Goodwill and I love them more than words.

Too many clothes, needed an extra rack!

Coasters I collected while traveling through Berlin and Amsterdam

Flowers from Ry--sunflowers are my favorite.

My TV sat atop my dresser and TiVo was a must for this girl. Don't make fun of Battlestar Galactica, it was really good!

I stole this poster out of a laundromat on Fillmore in high school and I plan to get it framed (eventually)

Anthropologie bowl holding Etsy cloth push pins

I adored my old fashioned stove, except when it came to preheating (in which case it sucked).

My mom used to send me home with fresh ingredients, which I used as decorations because I'm not much of a chef.

Anyone who has lived with me knows of the infamous "hand soap." I think it is hilarious.

I always bought orchids from Trader Joe's to give the bathroom a little life since there were no windows (they always died).

Make up
Can't believe I never took a picture of my bed with a better camera, all I have is this grainy iPhone shot.