WANT: For the Boyfriend

Need Supply Co. has a ton of really unique clothes that fit my style (and what I want Ryan to wear!). Here are some men's clothing items I wish the man in my life owned:

Wilson Coat - Love the cut, love the color.
Pull New Wave - At this price, I'd never EVER buy this, but I still like it! Especially with those dark tan/camel pants.
Weekender Pant - A nice, grey pant that can be for both casual and nicer occasions. Also, like those shoes!
Romero Twill - I love these pants - the color, the fit, everything!
Levi's - I love the rolled up look with suede shoes.

While I think Ryan would like a lot of this stuff, I know it is safe to say he would never be caught dead with rolled up skinny Levi's and suede shoes. TRAVESTY! Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.

(P.S. Extra 20% off sale items until midnight on the 23rd if you type in "EXTRA20" at check out!)