Apartment Spotlight: My Bryn Mawr, PA Apartment

Since I moved out, I thought I'd feature my old apartment in a spotlight feature. Once my current place is up to blog-able standards, I'll be posting it for everyone to see. Until then, enjoy a peak at my previous pad (which was featured above with the "The Apartment" link). It will be weird to never go back once I had the keys over today, but I love the new place so much that I'm sure I won't miss it too much.

Ryan's side of the bed gets decorated with his old, smelly frat hat
My cluttered little workspace
Purses hang on every doorknob in my apartment (note to self: invest in some hooks)
Can never have too many shoes!
My bedside table and ring collection
Can never have too many beauty products either
Make-up, collecting dust

My plant has been alive for a few months now, I am very proud of this fact. 
Art from Etsy