Madewell Whistlestop Sandal

My mom said if I can find her clothes, shoes, etc... she wants and I want as well, she would buy both of us the item (I get mine as a finder's fee!). And let's just say that it definitely worked as motivation. I now fill her inbox with any and every item I covet in the hopes that she will want it to. Generally, I get back some sassy response telling me that I want too much stuff or the shoes are hideous. Whatever, mom. However, she is in love my black Sam Edelman sandals, but only has them in brown. She's always trying to steal them from me or convince me I should give them to her. To quote the fabulous Cher Horowitz, "as if!" Lucky for me, I found these sandals recently and she liked them too. When she came in to visiting from CA, we went to the local Madewell (in the gigantic King of Prussia Mall) and scooped up two pairs with my student discount.