Review: Senso Agnes

I had previously blogged about the Senso Agnes wedges and fell in love. When Solestruck had a 15% off sale, I decided to get em. I opted for both colors because I wanted to try them on and decide in person what color I loved and return the unwanted pair. It still is a tough decision, but part of me thinks I like the INSANE neon yellow/green the best. The neon yellow is smooth and the blue has more texture (as you can tell in the pictures). What color do you like best?
Unfortunately, they were uncomfortable and I decided to return them both. The blue felt like it fit better than the yellow pair, but both were loose around the sides and my foot felt like it was going pop right out of them even though they fit well and were tight when standing (look how scrunched my toes are!). The blue pair came with an ink smudge on it, so it made it pretty easy for me to decide to send the blue pair back. It's hard to let go of the other pair, but I just can't even fathom spending an hour in these wedges without being in serious pain! Beauty is pain, I guess. Goodbye gorgeous shoes, goodbye!
 Sniffle, sniffle. Bye Bye Senso Agnes! Writing this post only made it a little bit harder to let them go.