Essie - Chinchilly

I really like Essie's Chinchilly nail polish. It's the perfect grey, with a hint of purple. I chose it specifically to match the dress I wore for the wedding and it was perfect. I only did 2 coats, but in retrospect I should have done three because it is just a tad see-thru in places. It even survived building an IKEA desk and dresser with minimal chipping, so that deserves some praise (also me because everyone know that shit is hard to build). Now Ryan has a dresser and a desk and I can reclaim ALL of the closets (yes, closets plural) and my whole dresser, while still having more clothes than I know where to put them. We just bagged up a ton of Ryan's old clothes that I didn't approve of (think neon green button down dress shirt) and I think it is time to do the same for me.