Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 110 - Pink Porcelain + Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 00

I'm pale, have freckles and pink undertones in my skin, and sometimes I have spots of redness. Because of these irritating factors, finding a foundation is incredibly difficult. From my experience, most foundations are made for skin with beige or yellow undertones, not pink undertones. Exhibit A: Whenever I get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar, they always try to cover the redness by putting foundation on my face. That would be great and thoughtful, except the problem is the lightest color foundation is SO far from my skin tone that I end up looking ridiculous, half red/half yellow. After repeatedly wasting money on foundations that salespeople swore up and down matched my skin (THOSE LIARS!), I finally found the right one:

A few years ago while living in San Francisco, I enlisted Lori, my roommate at the time, to help me on my quest for coverage. We went from counter to counter in Bloomingdale's, where the salespeople kept telling us whatever goop they smeared on me worked. Lori would shut them down completely. I loved it! Since I was uneducated about makeup at the time, I always hated talking to makeup salespeople -- they don't always tell the truth and I was too dumb to know it's not the right product for me. Lori was like my mom, taking me to buy my first training bra, and I was the awkward kid, too embarrassed to ask questions. Our hunt was unsuccessful until finding ourselves in front of the Make Up For Ever display at Sephora, where the salesperson helped us find a shade that ACTUALLY worked for me. Even Lori approved it after going outside to see it in natural light. Just like that, I found my place in the world. I'm shade 110, Pink Porcelain, a shade for people with "porcelain skin with pink undertones!" That's me! I belong!

Have you ever used Make Up For Ever products? With 25 shades available, it is near impossible for someone to not find a match. I also recently discovered a Tarte Amazonian clay tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that also matches my skin (shade: "Agent 00"), which is great because the brand is natural and organic. For the days where I do not want a heavy layer of makeup or I need some SPF protection, I use the Tarte Smooth Operator.

What foundation do you swear your first born to? Let me know, I'm very curious!