Red Carpet: SAG Awards 2012

I was pretty underwhelmed by the red carpet at the SAG Awards. In fact, I hated most of what I saw. I only had a couple of dresses that I liked and I even included an ensemble below that I didn't fully love (cough cough, Kristin Wiig) because needed a big change (cough cough, remove the choker!).

 [ emily blunt in oscar de la renta / amber heard in zac posen / tilda swinton in lanvin / kristen wiig in balenciaga ]

Emily Blunt looked absolutely beautiful in this green Oscar de la Renta gown. The color is gorgeous itself, let alone the beautiful slit, cut, and shoulder strap. Amber Heard (who dat?) looked beautiful in Zac Posen -- at first glance I thought she was the love child of Scarlett and Charleze! This is exactly what I expected to see on Rooney Mara (who I wanted to be nominated just for the selfish reason that I wanted to see what she would wear) and it's exactly the type of red carpet dress I would go for if I were a famous lady of mystery. I really liked Tilda Swinton in Lavin and it's a type of dress I have tossed around as a wedding dress idea for the future -- effortless, yet beautiful! Lastly, Kristen Wiig... my dear Kristen Wiig. I love all things Kristen and that Balenciaga gown, but the choker has got. to. go. Don't hold it against me Kristen, can we still be best friends in my head??? But really, the dress is gorgeous and I couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked across the stage to present Bridesmaids with her co-stars. Scorsese. DRINK!

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