Red Carpet: Grammys 2012

The Grammys were pretty underwhelming fashion-wise, but aren't they always....

[ rihanna in giorgio armani / adele in giorgio armani / corinne bailey rae in christian siriano / gwyneth paltrow in stella mccartney ]

I know, I know... these are all black.... but they were the only ones I really liked!! I was completely in love with Rihanna's whole look. Apparently she collabed with Giorgio Armani on the creation of this gown and damnnn she did a good job. It's simple... but it's. so. perfect. Adele looked beautiful in her custom made Giorgio Armani gown as well. The way the sparkles caught the light on camera was gorgeous. Corinne Bailey Rae looks both cute and sultry in this Christain Siriano number. I am not in TOTAL love with the dress but I appreciated the vertical symmetry of her hair and the ruffles at the bottom of the dress (also I'm just straight up obsessed with her hair and wish I could look like her). Gwyneth Paltrow looked very sexayy in Stella McCartney -- another simple, modern, and sophisticated black dress. Too much black?? NEVER! I know I love Elie Saab, but Katy Perry just had too big of boobs for me to get behind that blue backless Ellie Saab dress.

And can we just have a moment to recognize just how fucking glamorous Adele is:

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