I tried so hard to not get into Pinterest, but the ease with which I can "pin" things and essentially have a web-wide wishlist (without bombarding TOO many online wishlist posts here) is too addicting and I'M TOTALLY HOOKED. There are so many interesting DIYS (if you can avoid all the awful, tacky ones -- yikes!) and I've encountered so much inspiration for outfits, hair, house decor, etc... and not, I repeat NOT, saying I want to be married for years and years and years... but it's a great way to harness all the dress and reception ideas (as well as discover new ones) so that when the time comes to plan, you already have a gigantic scrapbook of ideas. I'm not alone in this premature planning of wedding receptions and dresses, girls... right?!?!

My name is Chelsea, and I'm a pinterholic.

Do you use pinterest? Link your page in the comments and I will be sure to check it out.