Zara Floral Print Dress

Do you know how long I have been waiting for this dress to come back in stock in my size? Of course you don't... but it was weeks.... weeks, I tell you. I had signed up to be notified if the dress came back into stock in the "next 15 days" and 15 days went by with no email. Devastation set in. Zara promised "Back Soon!" and yet, here I sat... alone in the dark, "soon" gone and passed. Always the obsessive, I signed up again and after about a week, the most beautiful subject line my inbox has ever seen appeared: "Item Available." Okay, in retrospect... that subject line is whatever. But the dress is anything but that: it is tight on my figure; has one of my favorite collar and shape designs up top (is there a name for this -- I just think of it as Battlestar Galactica chic); and has a gorgeous symmetrical print complete with a vaginal innuendo. HELLO! Sold.

Important to Note: I was sad to see the one that came in the mail did not have the same exact pattern as the one pictured online (beware of that with Zara prints), but I was lucky enough to find the perfect print on the dress in the Zara flagship store in NYC. And yes, I tried on like 12 to get the flower in just the right spot. ;) To see me wearing this dress in an outfit video, click here.