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If you're anything like me, then you're a forever faithful Sephora shopper. I have a hard time shopping at ULTA (only generally go there for brands not carried at Sephora) because I think they have an awful rewards system. If I'm going to spend my money on frivolous makeup, I want to really get my money's worth. I had heard about Bloom from an ad that popped up while watching a YouTube video (contextual marketing at it's finest) and clicked on over to see what all the fuss was about. This was a few months ago and I always kept them in the back of my mind since they don't carry THAT many brands -- they are no Sephora, come on now. Recently while perusing Ebates' retailers in the Beauty category (I know, I just won't shut up about it... sorry guys.), I saw 6% cash back and went to Bloom to look up how they work. Here's what I found:

1. With every purchase you get 3 samples -- par for the course, you say?! That's where you're wrong! That's just for run of the mill users who don't spend over $100 in a 6 month period or have a purchase of less than $50. I say to that, JUST $100? A cakewalk for a beauty addict like myself! If you spend the $100 in the 6 month period (congrats, you're now a VIP!) and you have a purchase of over $50, you get 3 regular samples and 2 deluxe, or "mid-sized" samples. If you are a VIP and spend over $100 on your purchase, then you get your pick of 5 regular samples, 4 mid-size/deluxe samples, and 1 full-sized sample! Holy samples, Batman! I don't know about you, but that is music to my well moisturized ears.

2. In addition to the awesome samples perks, you get 10% cash back on every purchase every day. Which translates straight to $$$ that can be used to buy more products from their site. $100 order -- you get $10 back to spend on your next order. It's akin to having a permanent 10% coupon so long as you continue to use your rewards back on their site! The extra special kick that made me spend a few $$ on Bloom's site recently was the coupon code 30BACK, which gives you 30% rewards on your first purchase on the site. Now, that $100+ order has netted you $30 to their site for your next purchase. Holla!

3. Having a FULL YEAR to test a product out is great. I have mistakenly waited past the 30 day return window to try something I bought from Sephora, didn't like it, and realized it was too late to return it. Nuff said.

4. Free Shipping on order over $49 (free returns for VIP, $5 returns for non-VIP users) -- once again, nuff said. Pretty standard. Pretty sweet.
Excuse me while I just step down off this soap box.... okay, here we go...
So, what do you think?

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  1. Bloom looks so great! Now if only all these great sites shipped to Canada. :( Funny how I always forget to check that, then fill my shopping cart only to be crushed just before the money shot (pun definitely intended).

    1. HAHAHAHAH!! very unfair. While there are so many things I wish I could get from the UK and other places -- I couldn't imagine living SO close the states and not being able to get stuff shipped to you (or when you do, it being VERY expensive!). Stay strong, we can get through this together. ;)