Renting the Runway

So I've been signed up for Rent the Runway for what feels like the longest time, and I finally have an occasion to use it -- Ryan's cousin is getting married at the end of the month at a schmancy country club and the attire is black tie optional. Optional?! No choice here -- this is just the excuse I've been waiting for. No more randomly getting dressed up and Ryan looking so confused as to why I'm in a floor length gown in the kitchen at midnight. As if, that will never end. So back to wedding, I hopped on to Rent to Runway when I saw a coupon code in my inbox a few mornings ago (HELLOSUMMER gets you $10 off dresses 50+, $15 off dresses 100+, and $25 off dresses $150+) and couldn't decide between two gorgeous Badgley Mischka gowns, one in black ("Party All Night Gown") and one in gold ("Screen Siren Gown") -- each with the rental price tag of $125 to rent pre-coupon code. Luckily, if you are renting one gown, you can rent another for the same or lesser price for only $25. In true Chelsea fashion (no pun intended), I opted to get em both sent my casa and plan to return whichever one I decide I will not wear within their 24-hour window to get the full rental fee back, sans shipping cost. I also opted to include some Kenneth Jay Lane "Emerald Drop Earrings" (clip ons, how grandma of me!) in case I choose to wear the black dress. Gaahh!! I am so excited!

In the end, my total came to $182 -- including shipping, insurance fees (no worries about ruining an expensive dress, fewssh), and a free second size to ensure I get a dress that fits. Might seem a little pricey to some (and like a dumb idea to my mom and boyfriend, EH HEM!) but I only wear my nice dresses once every couple of years and they cost a lot more to buy than these would be to rent! Plus, no dry cleaning fees as they take care of it all for you. I think I'm still going to wear the Zara Floral Print dress to the wedding ceremony at Villanova's church (my alma mater and the couples' too... and Ryan's... and his brother's... etc etc...). If you've got an occasion where you need to look fresh ta deff, pop on Rent the Runway and have yourself a looksie. And as I end that sentence I realize this post sounds like a total ad for them, but I assure you it's not. I'm just fucking stoked!

[ Also, creepiest thing ever... I was looking at one of my initial potential red dresses' user uploaded photos and the girl wearing it was someone I recognized from back home. Weird! ]