Minoux Tiny Bar Necklace

I was lucky enough to be given a gift certificate to Minoux by my Ryan's mom in honor of my graduation (apparently they had combed through this here blog for a place to get me a gift certificate to -- the "online wishlist" is working! lol). In true Chelsea fashion, I spent it on the online shop within minutes of returning home -- it's called a shopping addiction, thank you very much.

Since she had been so generous, I had enough to get TWO of the necklace that caught my eye, the tiny bar necklace. It actually made it a lot easier on me to not have to decide between gold or silver; ya know, the eternal jewelry debate. I like silver on my skintone because of my cool undertones -- sometimes gold just looks awful with my skin when it gets pink/reddish -- but at the same time, I love dainty gold necklaces.... first world problems here, people. Woe is me.

I ended up buying the 19 inch chain; which sits at just the right spot (there is also a 17 inch version available). I still have $2 left on my gift card, which I plan to one day spend on the tubits necklace in gold (there is just that whole messy business of finding a job first!). Thank you, Mrs. P!

To see me wearing these necklaces in outfit videos: click here and here.