Massimo Mix & Match Bandeau Swim Top

Hello all, welcome to the latest meeting of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee! Thanks for coming out today, I see we have a small crowd... ;) Just kidding, this post is for woman of all bust sizes! It's time to discuss my latest tiny (and from what I've heard, larger) boob rave product, Target's Massimo bandeau swim top. "A whole blog post related to a bandeau top Chelsea?" you ask. Well... YES! As a girl with a bust that begins the alphabet, I've always found bandeau tops to be difficult to wear (and I think this is true for most breast sizes, really). Now, I have been able to find ones tiny enough to fit around my chest without fearing that any splash could send it falling towards my bottoms... BUT in order for them to fit well, I'd have to sacrifice the appearance of my tiny boobs into some sort of squishy, flat, and/or pointed object. I think the real problem is when there is some sort of knot in the middle the pulls the fabric to the center, but I also don't like the look of a sporty block across my chest.

The key is to find a top that looks cute, but also offers a cup shape that doesn't distort (but rather supports and enhances) the shape of natural breasts. I think the key in the design of these ones from Target is that they offer a cute shape that has something going on in the middle, without pulling or shaping the boobs weirdly in the process. They aren't thin, they cover the whole boob -- top to bottom -- (though that's not saying much) and each cup has support on all four corners. Four, secure corners -- I think that's the secret for mitigating pointy boob and allowing for the natural look! These also have removable pads, which are so thin it's like they aren't even there, and come with attachable straps. I prefer to keep the pads in because I like to avoid headlights as much as possible!

[ massimo bandeau swim top - $12.58 - 17.99 ]

I know it might sound strange to analyze the shape of a bandeau top so closely, but when did I ever claim to not be strange! I can't rave enough about how much I love these swim tops, especially given the array of colors (not all pictured). I bought some online (last week) and some in-store (back in March)... in fact, I own 5 different colors -- a purple, black, dark grey, mustard, and a teal. See for yourself tiny and large boobed friends! I honestly feel like this is a universal bandeau for boobs of all sizes. According to review comments on Target's website, this top even works for larger cup sizes -- one 34C woman claimed to play beach volleyball in it with no problems!