Colored Tips with Essie - Master Plan and Zoya - Bevin

I've posted about Essie's Master Plan and Zoya's Bevin in the past, but never together! I love the look of colored tips (both bright and dark) at the end of neutral nails. Exhibit A. My favorite way to top off a chipping polish -- or one you are just bored of looking at -- is to add a simple tip on the end... so quick and easy. Now, isn't that a great tip ;) get it.. get it..? God damn, I love puns. I don't tape off my nails; though it's probably best to. Instead, I just place the brush on one side of my nail, hold it steady, and roll my finger. It works pretty well and only takes a few minutes, but you always run the risk of applying too large (or too small) of a tip. Just the tip, guys... just the tip. Next, I want to try out a clear base with a neon color. Which tip combos are your tried and true favorites?