MAC - Vegas Volt

When I bought MAC Vegas Volt, I remember thinking I was buying the craziest, brightest color ever. This was obviously back in the days when my lipstick collection was teeeeeny weeeeeny. Oh, how naive I was. I won't comment on how big this "collection" of mine is now, because... well... it would just take too damn long to count it. Now that I've got gorgeous, out there shades like MAC Reel Sexy and Morange, I hardly consider Vegas Volt to be a wacky shade! Each time I wear it now, I am continuously surprised by the color never being as bright as I remember it to be. Sigh, I guess you never forget your first. ;)

Vegas Volt is an amplified finish, which is my favorite MAC formula BY FAR. It wears well on my lips without scrubbing or buffing and sans lip pencil. That's the beauty of the amplified finish -- long, easy wear with a crazily pigmented color. When I actually take the proper steps to ensure long lasting wear, it lasts for hours and hours. I like this shade a lot, though it is not one of my all-time favorites. It will always be a fun color to have in my arsenal, so I would definitely repurchase it if I made my way down to the dredges of the bullet. In my life, I have yet to ever finish a lipstick. I have so many and wear all different shades all the time -- I hardly make dents in even my most favorite shades! I think my most worn down shades are Hue, Girl About Town, and Lady Danger? Hue will probably be the first lipstick I finish since it's such an easy everyday color that I throw in my bag on the regular for touch ups. But, enough about Hue... I'll talk about that one on a later date.