Warby Parker Beckett in Aqua Tonic // Winston in Lunar Fade

As I talked about in a past outfit post, I recently purchased the Aqua Tonic Beckett frames, a limited edition color combo from Warby Parker's Summer Crystal collection. I also picked up a a pair from their permanent range, the Winston in Lunar Fade. I explained my plight in the aforementioned post -- about the struggles I've had to endure having been born with excellent vision. It was a tough road, but I've lived to tell about it. I grew up getting headaches from wearing my friends' glasses around and so, at the crisp age of 23, I figured it was time I fulfill that childhood dream of owning glasses. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

I discovered Warby Parker on Tumblr ages ago (gotta love social media, holla!) and I like the ethos of the Warby Parker brand. It evokes a fun, hip feeling in me, and I especially love that they donate one pair of glasses for every pair they sell. If you're someone who actually needs glasses, or just a weirdo like myself, I suggest you look into Warby Parker for some eye wear. They've started selling sunglasses (which I'm afraid to delve into, due to lack of shopping related impulse control) and they have a great home try-on program, where you can get five pairs of your choice sent to you for five days to try on in the flesh for just a $1 hold (shipping both ways is free). It's really easy and commitment free. I sound like a salesperson, don't I? Well, I'm not -- there's nothing in it for me and I've got no connection to the company. However, I have actually done the try-at-home shabang on two separate occasions before I had the courage to bite the bullet and get some unnecessary specks, so I speak from personal experience. Plus, 6% cash back on Ebates. I rest my case. Are you sick of hearing me talk about Ebates yet?!

To me, these are an accessory -- so what if they serve no utilitarian purpose! 
For me, they serve an emotional and fantastical purpose, like most all my clothes.