Zara Watercolor Floral Dress

The Zara sale has been going full force in my local shop for over a month now... something I'm actually annoyed to report. I'm over it Zara, get me new stock!! Please!! I, stupidly, thought I was late to the game and missed the sale when it had only gone on for a few days. Hindsight, man... The dress is sold out from their site, but if your local Zara is still running the sale you just might get lucky (there were tons left in the Philly location in larger sizes as of the end of July).

After meeting up with my boss to discuss book edits a while back (because I'm not a total sack, I freelance), I popped a few streets over to Zara to check out the sale. To my delight, this watercolor-esque dress that I've been eyeing for months was in stock with one left in my size. Fate? Perhaps. (No, definitely not.) I scooped it up, despite a missing back button, and have been obsessed with how it looks under my Silence & Noise (Urban Outfitters) black "Boyfriend Blazer." I wore this to a meeting yesterday and I love how this outfit makes me feel -- somewhat professional, without feeling stiff and cookie cutter.

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What did you get in the Zara sale?