Incoco Nail Strips

Apparently I forgot to post this back in May, when I first wore these. Blogger fail. Forgive me?! Bygones (said like Richard Fish from Ally McBeal). Glad we're past that, onto the nails! So these Incoco nail strips came to me via my September 2011 Birchbox and then sat ignored for months in the back of my nail drawer. Fast forward to May 24th, 2012. A day Ryan, my poor boyfriend and housemate, will never forget... The day I came home with 2 tiny kittens that needed around the clock attention and love. The day he and Dexter were ousted from sharing the numero uno spot in my heart. And according to him, the day I became an insane cat lady (yeah right, been one all my life. sukka.). The kittens have just now gone back to P.A.W.S. to be adopted out, but I'm afraid Ryan's resentment at my taking over the house with kitty scratches and litter box smells is here to say.

Fearing that the kittens would get sick from polish and knowing that any paint job I attempted was bound to be ruined (since they needed feeding and cleaning every two hours -- hardly enough time to ensure everything is dried and perfect), I decided to try out nail strips for the very first time. I encourage you to read instructions carefully! I didn't understand how to do it at first and ended up wasting product (luckily they gave extra strips and one nail strip could cover two of my short nails). I missed the memo that you need to peel something off both sides, so I was pointlessly trying to stick something that wasn't sticky to my nails. I actually threw them onto my bed in frustration and walked out of the room, thinking how dumb and unsticky nail strips were. I take it all back. I apologize Incoco. You go, Incoco.

I went back in for a second try and discovered my mistake... and just how awesome nail strips are. Within seconds I had all ten nails covered, completely dry and indestructible. In the end they lasted about two weeks and I couldn't recommend them enough. Perfect for taking on vacations or applying before you leave. The only downside is the price. Isn't that always the downside of everything? I love this purse, the only downside? Well, it costs money. Damnit! Could have sworn that was a free one... maybe next time... They cost about the same as a nice bottle of polish, but you only get one wear out of em. Even I can do the math on the cost per wear on that one. So while that can be off putting to some, I still think they are worth it if you going someplace where you need your nails to last a long time or you are short on space in your liquids carry on bag. TSA has no respect for my extensive beauty regimen.

Not sure if this code still works, but on my card it says "BCS09" gets you 10% off nail polish appliques on their site.

Have you ever tried nail strips? What's your favorite brand? Least favorite?