HAIR:: How I Use My Hot Tools Conical Wand

I know I've linked to this video in a previous post how I achieved this makeup look, but it deserves a post of its own! When I first bought my conical wand I was AWFUL at using it. I couldn't get the hair to stay on the wand or figure out how to hold it at a downward angle properly, I didn't remember to always curl away from my face, and I was afraid that brushing out my curls would make them look frizzy. Essentially, each time I used it... I looked dumb. Straight dumb.

Now that I have "mastered" my usual look with the wand, I decided to show you how I do it. I can't recommend conical wands enough, they are so easy (once you get past the learning curve) and quick to use. You can easy manipulate the hair (depending on how tight you wrap it around the wand) for loose waves or defined curls. Plus, the curls are shiny as f*#@ and last for DAYS.

If you have one but haven't fully figured it out yet or are just curious, click play!

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