Recent LF, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Gap, etc... Purchases


With a recent trip home and a burgeoning shopping addiction (let's be real), I've racked up quite a lot of purchases in the last couple of months. Some of these items you may have seen featured on the blog in outfits or in their very own latest purchase post, but some are brand new -- hot off the rack of my nearest Zara. My mom is responsible for the purchase of most of these items, so let's take a moment of silence to thank MamaWears, who I convinced to buy a second piece (for moi) of any item I "personal shopped" for her! A bit of a finder's fee, if you will. I help her look cool, hip, and not at all in midlife and she helps this unemployed fashion obsessee stay outfitted in hideous floral pants (her words, not mine)! This is a great deal if you can get your Moms behind it girls, work your best pitch and go!! :)

and then I shopped a little more.... 


  1. wow super awesome haul.. i'm jealous! I actually came upon your blog looking for the Topshop Aerobic trainers which look fabulous on you :)