Pippa Lynn Sweater AKA Latty Sweater from LF

I already own this sweater in black, but I couldn't resist getting it in another color when I saw it in the LF sale (especially when my mom offered to buy it as a bday present). I had scooped up the black one in the 1st round of the bi-? semi-? annual sale back in March (as seen in this old haul video), but this time around they also had it in a nice green color as well (and a creamish mustard beige I wasn't feelin'). While I would have loved to get both the green and maroon, having the same sweater in three colors seemed excessive. But that doesn't mean I don't pull that shit on the regular -- I'm a lover of owning a staple in multiple colors. This sweater felt too distinctive to do that though, so I left it at just owning the maroon and the black. First world problems. 

Click here to see an outfit with me wearing the black latty sweater.
It's a comfortable sweater; perfect for the upcoming season -- heavy enough to give a little warmth but airy enough on the arms so you don't feel too toasty. I think the retail price is pretty insane ($150ish? -- I forget), so if you have any desire to own this or anything else from LF, I HIGHLY recommend you wait it out until they have their sales (I think we paid ~$70?). I shop the Mill Valley or San Francisco locations when back home, since there is no LF location in or near Philly. They don't have an e-commerce website either, so you're kinda screwed if you live far away -- no way to see the stock or order it. However, the manager at the Mill Valley store told me that if there was ever anything I wanted (not during sale time, if I remember correctly though), I could just call and they would send it to me in PA (shipping costing extra). The More You Know (insert shooting star graphic).