Essie - Power Clutch

Essie's Power Clutch was a neglected polish -- purchased months ago and sadly collecting dust in the mess that I call my nail polish drawer. Essentially, it's a nice guy polish... one you always overlook until you realize your mistake. So here is where I apologize for always calling this polish to talk about how awful the other polishes were to me and always going for the brightest football playing polish with great hair and muscle tone... or something like that... yeah.... bygones. With the weather chilling, I am slowly shifting towards wearing dark and dreary colors and I find myself being unsatisfied with any outfit that isn't at least 75% black. The same stands for my nails and the last thing I want right now are bright, poppy nails. Gimme deep purples, bloody reds, and neutral tones please!

I really fell in love with this polish in the week (yup, no chips for a week!) that I wore it. The lasting power was impressive and the color, as well -- it adapted to any outfit I wore. Gotta love a chameleon polish. I especially loved how it changed colors depending on the lighting -- a deep, army/cement green in bright light and almost black in a low light. I recommend it, Chelsea approved!

Have you tried this polish?